1931 Gardner Model 158

photo14I recently was contacted by a friend who is now the proud owner of a 1931 Gardner Model 158 which appears to be the only one left in existence. I was asked to help with getting this beauty back on the road again. The car has sat idle for the past 8 years and prior to that this vehicle did have a frame off restoration.

The Gardner Motor company produced its last vehicle in 1931 fulfilling only a limited demand of orders. My friend’s grandfather was somewhat of a hoarder and what was amazing is his grandfather had over 50 vehicles in a barn back in Connecticut. After his passing the family began the grueling process of rummaging through all his years of collecting. There were car engine parts still in the original packaging, but due to a rare flood, some of the items rusted and are no longer usable.

Many of the cars in the collection were not complete. The restoration process had begun, but never completed. This rare beauty holds a straight 8 flathead engine, 4 wheel hydraulic suspension and the bottom driving lights turn with the steering wheel for better safty.

My assignment is to help get this baby’s rubber to once again hit the road. So the start up begins. I will be draining the old fuel, cleaning all the fuel lines, checking the carburetor to insure it is not leaking from lack of fuel to keep the gaskets soft and check all the brakes and wheel bearings. Check back for the progress.photo 10

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