24 hrs of LeMons at ThunderHill 2013

24 hrs of LeMons at ThunderHill 2013.


The featured image is one from a 1928 LeMons Race. But as for the 2013 race, it is now in the History Books, and everyone gave it their best shot to come in and place. It was filled with excitment, busted knuckles and a lot of drive to keep this race on course. But the one thing that did not happen, was to hopefully be placed in the Guineness Book Of World Records for the most entries, unfortunately they ran a bit short. The total entries were 185 the most on record so far. Overall, it was a great success. The nights were long and the car and drivers ran hard along the course. But not for everyone. The Most Horroic Fix award had to be changed to the Most Herroic Fixer Award. It seems one crew never even made it to the start line, let alone the finish. Read the entire story from Car And Driver.  24 hrs of LeMons at ThunderHill 2013. There is also a link that will take you to see the results from the Sonoma Raceway.

The LeMons 24 hrs Race 2014 is still picking up steam. By clicking the link below it will give you information on upcoming races. Enjoy

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