Automobile TV Commericals of Yester Year.

Do you have passion for Automobiles of yester year? If you like the 1958 Chevrolet, here is a commerical when the 1958 Impala was first introduced to include other vehicles of that year. Did you know that General Motors hooked up with United Motors? They produced parts for GM in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Watch how they manufactured batteries, Delco Remy parts dealers. Do you know what motoramic Chevrolet means? Watch the introduction of the 1955 Chevy Bel Air and much more. Below is the history of United Motors.


United Motors Division

Billy Durant incorporated United Motors in 1916 to consolidate his acquisitions of several small automotive component and accessory manufacturing companies: Hyatt Roller Bearing Company(antifriction roller bearings), New Departure Manufacturing Company (ball bearings), Remy Electric Company (electrical starting, lighting, and ignition equipment), Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, known as DELCO (electrical equipment), and the Penman Rim Corporation.

Durant appointed Alfred Sloan, who had been president of Hyatt, as president of United Motors. Sloan subsequentley led the aquisitions of Harrison Radiator and Klaxon Horn, and organized United Motors Service to sell and service the entire line of products nationwide.

United Motors was originally independent of General Motors, selling to all manufacturers until 1918, when the company was acquired by General Motors. United Motors continued to operate essentially as it had before, but was now a division of GM, with all of its production devoted to GM’s brands. Alfred Sloan continued as the division manager, which carried with it a GM vice-president title and a position on the GM board.

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