Is Your Car on the Airbag Recall List?

If you haven’t already heard, there is a massive Airbag recall happening right now. Takata, a Japanese maker of vehicle safety parts, for automobile manufactures, is just now beginning to realize the immense cost they will have to begin to pay for selling faulty air bags to at least 10 different auto manufactures dating as far back as 2001. Most car owners have already received notices in the mail if their vehicle is part of this recall.Takata air bags

The U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  is conducting on going investigations into these faulty air bags. Takata released the staggering amount it will loose going as high as $235 million dollars or 24 million yen. Toyota, Honda and several other Auto Makers have begun recalling several million vehicles on their own due to this massive Airbag recall. However they do expect Takata to pay for the cost of this recall costing this Airbag Manufacture to absorb a huge operating loss for the year. But this should not be about money, it should be about lives. Airbags were designed to save lives, not compromise them.  And critics argue that the NHTSA hasn’t gone far enough. For now, automakers are under so-called “limited regional recalls,” based on the assumption that the risk of airbag over-inflation and rupture is due to high humidity. So instead of issuing blanket recalls for all vehicles, they’re limited to more tropical climates, like Florida.

So how do these faulty Air Bags malfunction? These Airbags can rupture sending metal pieces of the air bag into the faces of the driver and any of the front passengers causing severe injuries. Please check the provided Airbag recall list link below for many of the affected vehicles, but if you are unsure, contact your Auto dealer ASAP to confirm. Keeping you alive and safe should be top priority, so don’t hesitate.

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