Cruising, Dancing and Classic Cars, A&W 1990

Here is a video that I filmed in 1990 during Hot August Nights at the A&W. During the summers when temperatures were warm, days for long and cruising was on every classic cars owners mind. I was no exception.

People would get to the A&W early in order to save a spot by parking their classic sometimes all day just waiting for the evening to arrive along with all the other car lovers and on lookers wanting to participate in the fun.

This was a place to meet up with friends or even make new ones. Some couples started their relationships at the A&W by hooking while hanging out to enjoy the festivities.

The building has been torn down now for sometime, but those of us who lived and played at this A&W in Reno, Nevada remember it well and with fond memories. This is just a one of many videos I will be posting for all to enjoy. Click A&W and enjoy.

A&W Crusing Reno, Nv 1990


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