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girlsngarage magHow do girls go from just being a girl, to a Car Chick, then to creating the Girls N Garages website? This story is about a young woman who was never originally a car gal, but did know the basics about cars. When I say basics, I mean more like how to check the oil, change a tire, the wiper blades, and a few other basic items, but that was about it.

I think I can say that she, (we will call her Karen for this article), fell into the same category as many women out there who own cars. This all changed when Karen met her now fiancé four years ago in a garage. A close friend of hers was into Rock Crawling, and a friend of his just happened to be a builder and fabricator of Rock Crawlers. So one day, her friend asked her to go with him to check out the progress on his Crawler, which was being worked on at a local garage.

Karen, being out of her element, found all this fabricating to be some pretty crazy stuff. She sparked up a conversation with the mechanic and they hit it off right away and Karen started learning a lot more than she ever knew about Jeeps, off road vehicles, and the basics of maintenance.

Karen became so fascinated with what she was beginning to learn about automobiles from her fiancé, that she decided it was time to branch out to educating and connecting with other women who love cars, wanted to know more about cars, or just connect about cars. I guess you could say, meeting her fiance has changed her life’s direction and her new found passion for everything automotive. So much so that she has began working on publishing a magazine, Girls N Garages.

GirlsngaragesIt is amazing how one day your life is heading in one direction and then the next day it takes a “right turn” into another. This magazine has become more than she could have ever imagined.

Karen states that if she can help at least one woman learn something new about her car, or persuade one young lady that going into the automotive industry is right for her, then she has conquered her dream.

The magazine Girls N Garages just launched its first issue in June of this year. This is just the beginning for Karen; she is so excited to be featuring all the inspiring women in the Automotive Industry in future issues.

Karen will also be my guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show on September 15, 2015. For more information on Girls N Garages, listen to the prerecorded show at Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Archives  scroll down to Teresa’s Garage, click it on, the scroll down to 09-15-15 to listen after the show has aired or go to for more information about this amazing magazine.

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