Mary Kessler and Her 1964 Chevell El Camino

IMG_1612[1]While I was getting ready for the Saturday night Cruise in Sparks, Nevada for Hot August Nights, my husband was chatting with a car owner who happened to be parked next to us. Once I was finished detailing my 1963 Chevy Impala, I strolled over to see who he was talking to.

As I arrived, I was introduced to Mary Kessler who was the proud owner of a beautiful and somewhat rare 1964 Chevy Chevell El Camino. Her husband is not a car enthusiast like his wife who really sparked my interest, so I pulled out my pad and began interviewing Mary.

It all started when Mary was around sixteen years old. A friend of her father’s stopped by to visit and was driving a 1964 Chevy Chevell El Camino and what caught Mary’s interest was the fact that this vehicle was a car and a truck. Mary was so struck by this car which she dreamed of all her life that some day she would own one.

IMG_1613[1]In 1994 while living in Sparks, Nevada, where she still resides, as she was driving home one day, Mary noticed a 1964 Chevell El Camino in a neighbors yard that appeared to be for sale. Mary rushed home to tell her husband about the car for sale, but he did not even seem one bit interested. This was a little disappointing for Mary since after all these years, her dream of one day owner one might come true. A little later that year, Mary’s mother became ill and passed away leaving Mary saddened. One afternoon in hopes of cheering Mary up, her husband asked if she was still interested in owner the El Camino. Mary jumped for the chair yelling yes! So her husband hired a mechanic to go over to the neighbors’ house to check the vehicle out.

The engine appeared to be in good working order, the body sound and straight, so Mary still excited made an offer to the owner and they took it. What a moment for Mary, since her dream as a young girl finally came true. Now being the owner of this dream car, Mary knew that in order to afford to fix the old girl up, she would need a second job. It did not take long for her to find one.

Mary located a shop in the Sparks area that specialized in restorations and the work began. By the time Hot August Nights came around in 1995, the car was ready to cruise its first HAN.IMG_1615[1]

The up keep is done by Mary while her husband enjoys watching the love she has for this 1964 Chevy Chevell El Camino. Who says dreams cannot come true. This one did.

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  1. Basil
    Apr 04, 2016 - 03:56 AM

    Hi Ladies

    Luv your cars and your enthusiasm. However the above car is a ‘Chevrolet El Camino’…….. not a ‘Chevelle’. The Chevelle
    was made in the early 70’s and is a completely different model (it’s actually a 2 door coupe) whereas the El Camino is a pick up or as you guys call them ‘trucks’ 🙂

    Hope this information helps 🙂

    • 1Female
      Apr 19, 2016 - 07:57 AM

      You are so right, when interviewing this lady she actually has two cars and we started with the Chevelle and end up with her Camaro. Thank you for pointing that out to us. The correction has been made.


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