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Nothing Like a Sagging Rear End

Hi Windy,

I find my car in need of shocks and was wondering just what brand is really the perfect choice. Like anything today, there are so many brands to choose from. I own a 1978 Chevy pickup and have been entertaining the thought on purchasing either air shocks or heavy duty truck shocks. Can you enlighten me on the pros and cons. My budget is slim so making the right purchase the first time is very important. Thanks in advance.


Well Monica, Shocks are a very important part of your suspension and making the right choice is crucial. Depending on the type of ride you are looking for and what exactly you use your truck for will determine the type of shock you would need. If you want a more comfortable ride then you would go with standard shocks, but the better grade. If you are looking for that stiff truck type of ride, then go with the Heavy Duty. As for air shocks, on a truck I would never recommend them for that application. If you were to ever take it out Boone bouncing, you might find yourself stranded and out of air due to a puncture. My owner has always used either KYB or Monroe Shocks on my suspension keeping me looking styling driving down the road. Nothing like a sagging rear end to keep a girl down. Happy Motoring

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