Rayno Window Tinting Can Save Your Interior

Rayno Window Tinting

Window tint can add aesthetic value and improved function to your car. Tinting windows can also protect your car’s interior, as well as the people inside, from the damage of UV rays. While window tint offers many benefits, one potential drawback is poor visibility for drivers and law enforcement professionals who may need to see inside your car. To allow drivers to use window tint and still protect the safety of everyone on the road with them, every state has window tint laws to dictate how much tinting is allowed on each window of the car.

Here is a breakdown of the different window tint regulations for each state, so you can make the right choices about your car. As you read these laws, remember that window tint percentages refer to the amount of light allowed in, also known as the Visible Light Transmission percent. The windshield tinting laws refer to the amount of the windshield that can be legally tinted or the amount of tint allowed on the entire windshield, depending on the state’s regulations.

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If you are shopping for window film tint for your car, make sure you work with a company that understands these window -tinting rules or tint percentages and how they affect your car’s window tint. Rayno Window Film is here to help you, and our crew is fully compliant with all state regulations. By staying within the car window tint laws, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of window tinting without running the risk of an unwanted or unexpected citation. Contact us today to get started by locating a dealer Locate a dealer 

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