Remove the Crime of Opportunity and Don’t Become A Victim

Remove the Crime of Opportunity

Personal safety is a concern that everyone should have on their minds. As we go through our busy lives how often do we really consider all the situations we could actually be involved in if the opportunity would arise? Remove the Crime Of Opportunity and don’t become a victim.take a bit out of crime

For most of us, the automobile is not only a vehicle that can take us from point A to point B, but it is also our means of independence. Without it, where would you be? Do you really think about “what ifs?” You are probably asking yourself, what does she mean by this? Well, let’s think about things for a moment. What if your car broke down? What if your cell phone died out in the middle of nowhere? What if you were stuck in a bad storm in your car? What if you ran out of gas? What if you had a flat tire? What if you were in an accident? What if your car was burglarized? And the list goes on.
If any one of these situations happens to you, would you know what to do? Yes, these are all “what ifs,” but reading the paper each day tells you that these “what ifs,” really do come true, and without warning. So preparing yourself is your key to survival or personal safety. So how do you prepare for these types of situations?


Have a plan, be prepared, and many of these situations can be avoided. How you ask? Let’s take gasoline for instance. When your gas gauge reaches a half a tank, fill up. You can look at it as either half empty or half full. This way if anything unexpected ever happens, you have fuel to get you to your destination.

If your car breaks down, do you know the phone number for a tow company? Do you know the number for Law Enforcement? Could you call for help if you feel afraid? Have you had your vehicle maintenance done regularly? Most vehicle problems can be detected early if you keep on a schedule.
While on a trip you can get stuck in bad weather in cold climates. Having the essentials is your key to survival: a blanket, radio, charged up cell phone, flashlight, extra snacks, hand or feet warmers, and extra, dry clothing can make all the difference. Plus, always remember to tell others your destination, direction of travel and the time you should arrive. This way if you are late, they have an idea where to come looking for you.

Ok, now to a flat tire. Do you really know how to change your tire? Have you ever even looked at where the spare is located? Is it inflated? Are the proper tools in the vehicle and do you know how to use them? If the answer is NO, then I would suggest you take a class to learn how. There are many tools out there that can be used just in case you think being strong is the only way to accomplish changing your tire. Not so.

Ladies, if you wear high heels and office attire to work, then I would suggest keeping a spare set of work shoes or boots in the vehicle, with a pair of coveralls to protect your clothing. Otherwise, you will want to wait for a passerby to come to the rescue. In my book, I would rather fend for myself, because you just never know who’ll be stopping by in the time of need. How strange will the stranger be? I am not willing to play Russian roulette with my life. You can also call for Law Enforcement to come to your aid.

Automobile Accidents

Have you ever thought of what you might need to do in a vehicle accident or crash? What things do you need to know or need to have with you? After an accident occurs, most all drivers are in a fog, because your mind puts you in safety mode. Events begin to go in slow motion; you go into shock and things just do not seem clear. Prepare your subconscious for situations such as this. So how would you do this? You can constantly go over, what ifs. Make sure you know that your registration, proof of insurance and driver’s license are with you at all times. Your cell phone is a great way to snap photos of the scene. If the accident occurs on surface streets or the highway, Law Enforcement needs to remove those vehicles off the roadway as soon as possible and will move them, if they can be moved, in order to keep the traffic flowing, to ensure another accident does not occur.

Unfortunately, the police cannot keep onlookers from being distracted and causing yet another accident at the scene of the first. Check for injuries, call 911, keep yourself safe from oncoming traffic that may be distracted and not see your accident. There are so many variables that could be present in these types of situations. Just prepare your mind and it will be there when you need it.

Vehicle Burglaries

Vehicle burglaries are on the uptick all across the country and burglars are out in force. Giving them the opportunities are the driving force to their success of depriving you of your belongings. We all work hard for the things we desire in life, and, in my book, for someone to think they have a right to them because they want it without working for it is just wrong. I am lucky enough to have the option of being able to park my vehicles in a garage, but many drivers do not have that luxury. So what do you do? First, make sure there is nothing of value in plain sight. Remove cell phone charge cables, backpacks, books, DVD’s, extra change, firearms, tools, you name it. If they can see it, they want it.

Criminals hock or sell these stolen items for cash. By not giving them the opportunity, they will move on to another vehicle that offers one. If you think by setting your car alarm that will protect you, think again. These professional criminals are savvy to this, so instead of opening the doors, they break the windows, and do “smash and grabs.” They will test to see if the door is unlocked, and believe me, there are many who still forget to do so, allowing this to happen. So keep expensive items out of sight. Another thing to remember, if you lock your vehicle with the door lock and not the key fob, then your alarm does not activate. But if you do set it with the key fob, remember to open it the same way or the alarm will go off. By opening it with the key, the alarm is not disarmed causing it to activate making you scramble to turn it off.

ATM transactionsdon't.JPG

ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) are another area of potentially unsafe conditions. Thieves see them as an excellent opportunity for some extra cash in their pockets. Using an ATM your attention is on sliding in your card and punching in the numbers. The thieves know this, so that is when they strike. Never give them these options. Find an ATM in a well lit, high traffic area. Avoid going to them late at night. Plan ahead, if you can, by going to your bank during banking hours. Keep your doors locked and be observant as to who is hanging around when you approach. Leave if it feels unsafe. One way to cause attention to yourself, start honking your horn if you see someone suspicious approaching your vehicle. The most important factor here is to be safe and no money or things are worth losing your life over. Just do your best and plan ahead; distractions and being unaware of your surroundings work against you. Don’t Become a Victim. Stay Safe.

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