SaferRide Mobile App To Help Keep You Safe

safer Ride photo phone“SaferRider” Mobile App Help Driver’s Make It Home Safely.

The data is out on the number of deaths due to DUI crashes involving a drunk driver in 2013. A total of 10,076 deaths were reported, which is a decline of 2.5 percent from the previous year. This equals out to one person every 52 minutes.  In 2013, December was the lowest month for deaths, totaling 733. If these statistics don’t sober you up, what will?

I am a firm believer that party goers do not set out to harm others as they plan the night on the town, but once alcohol enters your blood stream, all sense of responsibility goes down the drain. We all must “think before you drink.”

Secretary Anthony Foxx of the National Traffic Highway Safety Association had this to say, “We will continue to be relentless in our effort to curb drunk driving because each life is precious. Too many lives are still being cut far too short because of drunk driving. We can stop these tragedies by making the decision not to allow ourselves, or our loved ones, to get behind the wheel after drinking.”

Fortunately there is now a tool that can help you make it safely home.

The National Traffic Highway Safety Association (NTHSA) has developed an App called SaferRide for Android and Apple devices, which is available on Android devices on Google Play and the Apple devices in the iTunes Store, respectively.

So how does the SaferRide App work? First of all, if you are too drunk to drive, that is not the time for complicated apps. SaferRide is the simplest possible way to get home safe and only has three self-explanatory buttons on the Home screen.

  • Choose from a list of available taxi services in your area, and with the tap of a button,call them.
  • Call a pre-programmed contact.
  • If you just need to know where you are, you can bring up a map of your current location.

“We’re making progress in the fight against drunk driving by working with law enforcement and our safety partners, and by arming people with useful tools, such as our new SaferRide app,” said Deputy Administrator Friedman. “This holiday season, don’t make the selfish and deadly choice to drink and drive.”

There is a campaign underway from December 2014 through January 2015 among 10,000 participating Law Enforcement Agencies across the country which will be out in force to protect the public by getting drunk drivers off the roads. This is sponsored by an 8 million dollar U.S. DOT campaign, “NTHSA drive sober, or get pulled over.”

It is against the law in all 50 states to drive with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08 % or higher. All states also prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from drinking and driving with any BAC in their system. In Nevada, statistics show that every 4 out of 10 drivers are driving drunk. Although our numbers are down to 77 deaths due to DUI crashes in 2014, this number is still way too high. Driving is a privilege not a right. Save a life, Think Before You Drink. Download the App today and be prepared for your next party.

Reference: NHTSA 

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