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National Automobile Museum Test and Tune

I love how people who love cars flock together, and whenever there is a great event, who would want to miss it? My invitation to join in on the fun at the National Automobile Museum recently proved to be more than just fun.001026 I got to meet new and wonderful people who share similar passions. It makes my heart beat faster.

This yearly event, Test and Tune, was as great a success as it has been in the past, but it was my first time absorbing the fun of it. Everyone was invited to attend, but if you are a member of the Museum, then you received a special treat, an extra raffle ticket. You see, the prizes aren’t material things, but a rare chance to win a ride in one of the Museum’s chosen cars.

This year you could choose a 1910 Franklin, Steam powered touring car, a 1937 Airomobile, or a 1957 Cadillac El Dorado, the most expensive car built that year (which came loaded for $17,200.) What a beauty.

The first winning ticket was held by none other than the husband of my videographer, Duane Epper. No, this was not a fix win, but I can tell you, he

Coan and Nolan

Coan and Nolan

could not have been more excited. Duane loves and restores model T cars, so this was just up his alley. His car choice was the 1910 Franklin.

The Franklin appeared to be the car of choice among most of the winners. One fun part of the evening was the two young winners ages 8 and 18 months. The eight year old Coan, and brother Nolan, were so excited to have the opportunity. Coan also chose the Franklin.

015202Then 18 month old Sam Neve showed the most emotion after realizing he was getting a ride in a car. Believe it or not, when his mother asked him to choose one, for Sam, it was hands down the Airomobile.

When placed in the car for the ride, Sam was smiling from ear to ear and waving with such great joy. The ride that the winners experienced, was several figure eights through the Museum parking lot.

Sam had the ride of his life. Hopefully, as he gets older he will remember this joyous occasion. The event was filled with fun, rides and great food. Definitely a date to mark on your calendar for next year, if you are in the Reno, Nevada area.009422

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