Vehicle and Personal Safety

Vehicle and Personal Safety


I am always amazed at how many vehicles become burglarized especially during the holidays but the crime does not stop there. Criminals are busy all year.

Depending on where you live or your life style, will depend on how many items you secure in your au

tomobile. In the classes that I teach, I also stress security. Thieves love those that use their vehicles as an all year round holding facility. Just take a moment to think about all the items you house in your car. You can find laptops, DVD’s, iPods along with purses and wallets, jewelry, cash, gifts, firearms, just to name a few.

I recently read that the thieves in one western town are now focusing on the trunks since many of us think things are safer there than in sight. Not so.

We must always protect ourselves, no matter where we live. Ask yourself; are you observant when getting in and out of your vehicle? Do you remove your garage door opener and house keys when leaving your vehicle at a repair shop or when parked outside of your home? When you go to the beach, skiing or shopping, do you leave important items in your vehicle?

Reassess your behavior and see if you are placing yourselves vulnerable to thieves. To Criminals, hunting for those who think nothing will happen to them is an everyday job in their lives. Safety measures to help combat being victims are Vehicle alarms, On Star, the club and ignition lock out systems. These thieves have ways of entering your vehicle without even tripping your alarm, such as breaking the window and doing what they call break and grab whatever items are in plain sight. Just the other day my husband and I were stopping off to catch a bite to eat. I was insistent about locking the vehicle. His reaction was, “We are right here, what can happen?”. Have you ever tried to catch someone who has the advantage? As the saying goes, it is best to be safe, than sorry. He did end up locking the vehicle but not without a few comments. After all, I always practice what I preach.

We all work very hard for the things we have and by just allowing someone else to just take them is not something I wish to allow.

If you are entertaining the idea of a car alarm system first do your research on the web or talk with your local vehicle alarm companies. Your safety is top priority.

Tip: Park in a well light area, when entering or exiting your vehicle, do it quickly. During the Holidays be observant of your surroundings. Secure your packages before you arrive at your next destination. Have your keys ready before heading to your car and if you do not feel safe, ask a security guard to escort you to your car. Being safe could save your life.

Happy Motoring.

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