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Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Special Guest Lea Ochs – Racer

Lea Ochs, named Female Motorsport of the Year for 2018. Carchix Calendar Girl and Racer. Her nice name is Lead Sled Lea. Lea was the special guest on the show, November 27, 2018 explain how she was born into a racing family, how she achieved her racing title for 2018 and excited to be a part of something special, Racing. She loves to encourage other women to take the leap and give racing a try.  Watch it prerecorded. Go to Special Guest Lea Ochs



By Teresa Aquila


It is time to replace your car’s brake pads. You hear your brakes making a noise, or braking appears soft and doesn’t seem to grab like it used to, so you seek out an auto shop to perform the repairs. Before dropping off your car and agreeing to the repairs, put on the brakes and do your homework. Brake pads and rotors are not created equal.

Shops need to keep their profit margin in mind, and in doing so, parts play a role in this decision. If you are not aware of the parts your shop is using, you might want to inquire what type of pads they will be installing, where they purchase their parts from, and if they are made in the U.S. or China.

If you are going to replace the pads yourself, do you know what type of pad your vehicle uses? The following explains each type of brake pad in detail.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These types of brake pads are made from about 30-65 percent metal and are commonly made out of steel wool, wire, copper or other metal materials. These types of brake pads are considered to be very durable, but also may wear brake rotors faster. Also, semi-metallic brake pads may not function well in very low temperatures.

Non-Asbestos Organic

This type of brake pad, commonly referred to as NAO, is made from organic materials such as fiber, glass, rubber and even Kevlar. These types of pads are usually softer and don’t create much noise, but they tend to wear faster and create a lot of dust.

Low-Metallic NAO

These are made primarily from an organic formula mixture, with small amounts of copper or steel added to help with heat transfer and provide better braking. Because of the added metal, there is usually a considerable amount of brake dust and these pads are often noisy.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are composed primarily of ceramic fibers and other filler materials. While ceramic brake pads are usually more expensive than other types of pads, they are cleaner and produce much lower noise levels. Also, they provide for excellent braking and don’t cause a lot of wear on the brake rotors. Personally, I am not a fan of products made in China. We have all heard the saying that China-made products are equal to America-made. Not so. In 2002, the U.S. government examined this very claim. American companies were afraid that China-made mirrored products would hurt the American market for aftermarket parts.

Here is what they determined when it came to the type of metals used. Brake rotors are generally produced from gray iron, which has high wear resistance, excellent machinability, a relatively high coefficient of friction, and vibration absorption. This metal is also easily cast into rather complex shapes at a relatively low cost. After the raw casting is formed, the article undergoes machining, such as grinding and drilling, to reach the finished product. Unfinished brake rotors have undergone some grinding or turning, but are not functional as brake system products. Semifinished brake rotors have also undergone initial grinding and have been drilled or pierced. The commission also determined that OEM rotors and drums and aftermarket rotors and drums, although physically similar, were different products made by different manufacturers for different markets.

As a fleet manager and automotive mechanic, I have used both America and China-made products. My personal experience proved that the America-made outlasted the China-made products. The distortion was less on the America-made parts. In one instance, the China-made rotor used on a truck actually came apart after heavy use within three months, causing the need to replace the rotors again. The part was under warranty, but the downtime cost the company.

Brakes are a vital part in keeping a vehicle’s occupants safe. When it comes to replacing and purchasing parts for a brake repair, I will pay the extra for America-made products over China-made. The one factor that may be your decision maker is your financial situation. Make the right choice. After all, your life depends on it. Happy Motoring. Teresa is a top-notch mechanic with more than 40 years of experience repairing everything from Porsches to school buses. Currently she teaches a basic auto-repair class for women.

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Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Guest Racer Emily Cook

Times-Tribune Here is an article about Racer Emily Cook from the Times-Tribune. Emily was a special guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show October 23, 2018.

CORBIN— Half the size of a late model car and not much bigger than her, a black and pink mini cup car bought for her 12th birthday has become a prized possession and passion for Emily Cook.

After attending a race at the Corbin Speedway with her parents, 15-year-old Cook of Corbin saw one of the mini cup cars on the track and knew she had to have one herself.

“I saw this thing come out and I said, ‘I want one of these’,” Cook said. “It blew my mind.”

Cook said when she found out an 8-year-old boy was driving one of the race cars she knew she had the potential to drive one as well.

Cook began tinkering with racing cars at the age of 12 — yes, 12. Her parents drove to Pennsylvania in the midst of a snowstorm to buy the car in order to make her dreams come true. Since Cook’s 12th birthday she’s been pursuing that dream ever since. Cook said there aren’t many mini cup racers in the community or are there places to race locally.

Cook said she didn’t have any formal training she just jumped in the car and basically taught herself.

Cook and her family travel to Newport, Tennessee, both to practice and compete.  Cook said with the cars, travel and lift it takes more than two hours to get there. The distance is not a question for Cook and her family.

Ultimately, Cook aspires to be a NASCAR driver and already has scouts looking at her. Her mother, Shilo Alsip admits that it’s scary but said there’s no denying she’s good.

“Everybody is shocked at how quick she picked it up,” Alsip said about Cook’s racing talent.

Cook attends race events yearly held in Knoxville and will soon be featured in Let’s Race magazine.

Currently, Cook stands in third place with points but will race again on Saturday in Newport. There are several more races left in the season and Cook hopes to bring home the championship.

You can connect with Emily  on Facebook, Twitter, Emily Cook Racing

Guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Janine Queller

Janine Queller started racing 1/4 mile when she was in high school at grudge nights at Fremont Raceway. Always had an interest in racing, although no one in her family had anything to do with cars. 

 Her love for everything fast started when Janine began to race offshore powerboats at 25, with a 38′ Cigarette and a 30′ cat, with POPBRA, Pacific Offshore Power Boat Racing Association, for 10 years. 

Janine was involved with offshore water ski racing (Long Beach to Catalina and Benicia to Alcatraz) for 10 years.

She started tracking her Audi in 2010, and became an instructor for Audi Club the following year. In 2014 started instructing for Audi Sport scar at Sonoma, and have also instructed for Hooked on Driving and Driving Dynamics all over the country. 

Although Janine still instructs at the race track on occasion, she is most interested in Highway Safety and Evasive Driving instruction, car control and vehicle dynamics, teaching people how to be a better and safer driver. Her other interests is devoted to hosting Teen Driving clinics and she thinks that every person who has a driver’s license should be required to take some form of advanced highway safety driving course.

Coming up in the near future, she will be racing my 2007 Mustang with SCCA next year and looking forward to getting back out on the track.

Listen to Janine Queller on Janine Queller on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show

Dream Big, Ride Hard, Love Strong, Fly High and Drive Fast!

Jessi Iwji


Jesse Iwuji | Official Website

We are honored to have NASCAR Racer, Jesse Iwuji as a guest on my show October 09, 2018. His story is inspiring and his past is amazing. Dreams do come true and Jessi’s story will validate it. Tune in to 1180 AM KCKQ in Reno, Nevada on Tuesday 2 PM, or click the link for the podcast live. Go to

In all things Jesse Iwuji does, there are two constant elements: his love of country and his fighting spirit. This talented driver went from a D1A college football player to a lieutenant in the United States Navy and is now well on the way to making his NASCAR dreams an incredible reality. It has been key for Iwuji, who is currently serving in the Navy Reserves, to honor his country while pursuing and attaining excellence. It should come as no surprise that he has championed companies and charities that give back to our men and women in uniform.

Jesse is also a big supporter of NASCAR diversity. He was recently honored by NASCAR for the second year in a row – the Diverse Driver of the Year Award. He is a champion both on and off the track! NASCAR has never seen a driver like Jesse Iwuji before. While streaking toward the top tiers of NASCAR, the unstoppable Jesse Iwuji is taking us all along for one wild and exciting ride.