First Annual Cops and Classic Car Show, hosted by the Washoe Co. Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard held at Baldini’s Casino in Sparks, Nevada. All proceeds benefit the WCSO Honor Guard. This car show will offer fun awards, from Best Dillinger Award, Best Badge Bitter, and Best Chop Shop Special just to name a few. T-shirts will be sold at the event and a limited supply will be on hand.

Come and enjoy the day from a car show, to first responder static display. Entertaining for all ages.There will be raffle prizes, food served in side the Baldini’s Casino, and music.

Attached you will find the registration form. You can mail in the form, or bring it to the show on August 19, 2023. We hope you to see you there.

Women With Wheelz Car Show 2023

Welcome to 2023 and the next Women With Wheelz Car Show. Dedicated and designed with the ladies in mind. If you love to Drive IT, SHOW IT.

ENTRY FORM PRINT ONLY and mail check

ENTRY JOTFORM FILL OUT, print and mail check

This years show will be held at Baldini’s Casino, located in Sparks, Nevada. The show caters to women and their automobiles. The show offers a portion of proceeds and raffle prizes, that benefits a women’s none profit, music, and awards.

Women With Wheelz is hold its 9th year, with each year, the event grows in numbers. A new award added to the lineup is TWEENSIES. Dress up to match your car, or the era, and you could win the award.

The female car owners love to dress up to mimic there automobile, adding a fun atmosphere to the show.

The event is open to ALL, YEARS, MAKES, AND MODELS. We hope you will join us on June 24, 2023 from 8:30 check-in until 3 PM. Awards given out at 2:30 PM, and is always a fun time. T-shirts are available this year. Cost and sizes are on the link below. Please fill out the form prior to the show. Shirts will be sold at the show, but not all sizes may not be available.


Rob Skuba, Co-Host

Teresa’s Garage Radio Show has been producing shows for eight years at America Matters Media, in Reno, Nevada. The show airs live on many avenues.

You can watch live on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Facebook page, live on 93.7 AM locally, and you can stream the show at Teresa’s previous co-host, Dan McGee stepped down for personal reasons after 4 years on the show. Dan was instrumental in contributing on air news of the racing world, locally, nationally, and around the globe. We wish Dan all the best.

There is an addition to the show, her new co-host, Rob Skuba. Rob comes to the show with a multitude of talent, from technician, marketing, and management experience.

Rob resides in New Jersey after moving from Long Island, New York with his wife and family. His sense of humor along with Host Teresa Aquila, can add for some interesting conversation. These two offer knowledge, upcoming automotive news, and sometimes a bit off track but relates to the automotive industry.

If you wish to comment or chat with these two automotive gurus, please call toll free 844-790-talk, 844-790-8255. The Show airs every Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific Time. Hope you will join this duo for an hour of automotive talk. Happy Motoring

Women With Wheelz At Hot August Nights 2022

In its fourth season, Women With Wheelz Car Show proves to be a big success among the female owned classics during Hot August Nights. Held on August 3rd and 4th, in the East parking lot of the Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada, the ladies converged in force. Totaling 68 entries, cars from under construction to pure beauties.

Ages ranged from 13 to 83 years. Host and creator of Women With Wheelz, Teresa Aquila, has been working hard to showcase women and their love for their automobiles. After convincing Hot August Nights four years ago, that women do have a place to show off their classics.

Prizes are not your average everyday trophy. The ladies do it in style by choosing from the Best Rear End, to the Best Classy Chassis. Twelve in totaled were given to cars that met the criteria for the presented award.

Many of the ladies love to dress up to match there vehicles, while others dress up their cars to match their personalities. It is not about male bashing, or the most expensive build. It is about the passion, connections, and meeting like mind ladies who share the love for their cars.

Attached you will find the winners, and others who attended the 2022 Women With Wheelz Hot August Nights Classic Car Show. Enjoy.

Women With Wheelz 2022 Car Show

Entry form link below. Click Download

Thomas Flyer Restored, Harrah’s Collection 1964

I am the owner of several old Antique Automobile Magazines. As I was searching through August 1964, I discovered this interesting article about the famous Thomas Flyer where its restoration was completed for the Harrah’s Automobile Collection.

The article also explains Bill Harrah’s love for classic cars and his beginnings to becoming a collector. I had the privilege of visiting the original Harrah collection in the mid to late 1970’s off of Glendale Ave. in Sparks, Nevada. It would take you days to complete the tour.

It is now named the National Automobile Collection, and is much smaller than in its prime, but still worth stepping back in time and hear about a man who loved collection and restoring classic cars.

Technology has hit the world of license plates

Teresa Aquila’s January article in the Happy Herald Newspaper

For years many states have allowed inmates to produce license plates while learning a trade. That may soon come to an end as we know it. Digital license plates were introduced and rolled out in California in 2018. Since then, the illuminated plates have gained miles and popularity.

A plating company called Reviver has been working on the idea of digital license plates since 2009, but like any new idea, it takes time to get customers and states to approve the change. Currently, there are only two states that have authorized the digital plates, with Michigan to join the craze by the second quarter of 2021.

The plate number and messages belong to the state, you own the plate. There is an added cost. The cost for the digital plate, a one-time fee, or a monthly charge, plus the cost of registration. They will soon be integrated into automobiles. Happy Motoring.

Canoo, A Company With Vision

Teresa Aquila’s monthly column in the Happy Herald Newspaper

Canoo, A Company With Vision

Electric vehicles just became more versatile for businesses. Looking for a multi-purpose electric vehicle? Canoo can manufacture one for you starting at thirty-three thousand dollars and built to your needs. Canoo’s vehicles but you, the owner in charge powered by innovation.

The vehicles are built on a steel frame construction, transverse composite leaf springs, a double-wishbone suspension system, variable-ratio steer-by-wire, and brake-by-wire. The total cargo volume is 230 cubic feet. Batteries come in three variations, a 200 horsepower electric motor and are front-wheel drive.

If you are looking for an electric vehicle for your business, or just curious about Canoo, check out for more information. You will be amazed. Happy Motoring.

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Do I Really Need Auto Repair Insurance?

  Owning a car offers us freedom and the ability to be very mobile. Along with owning that vehicle, comes a responsibility for repairs and maintenance. In order to get those wheels turning on the road, one must purchase automotive insurance. What about auto repair insurance?              

One of the big advantages of having the right auto repair insurance policy is that it covers the total cost of some major repairs. When customers are paying out of their pocket, some mechanic shops have no problem charging endless amounts of money for their services. With the right auto repair insurance, the insurance company not only picks up the tab, but it also regulates the costs and lets a customer or policyholders know if the mechanic’s charge is excessive.

Do You Need Bumper to Bumper?
Bumper to bumper car insurance means that most of the components needed to operate your vehicle safely are included in the policy. This includes, but is not limited to, the engine, drive train, transmission, exhaust, brakes, and electrical components. However, things like body repair, broken lights, windows, and interior fixes are not covered. Bumper to bumper coverage will keep you from having to spend large amounts of money for repairs.

When you purchase a bumper to bumper auto repair insurance policy, always pay attention to the fine print. This usually means hidden fees, penalties, and limited coverage. One example is restrictions on what is paid to the service center. If they charge $75 per hour for labor, some policies only pay out $55 per hour. Check to make sure that you are aware of these limits and restrictions before they happen.

        Auto repair insurance policies are “À la carte,” in that a driver can purchase an insurance policy for specific parts or systems, from the engine and transmission to different auto parts systems, such as an electrical system or brake system. A customized auto repair insurance policy can cover just what the driver is worried about, providing precise, effective coverage for specific mechanical breakdown situations.

Despite the benefits of car repair insurance, a huge number of drivers prefer to take their chances without it. Why? Here are a few reasons why car repair insurance is not a universally applauded product:

Partial coverage

Car repair insurance is customizable. That is, there are different options for insuring the transmission, the engine, the fuel system and all other kinds of parts. The problem is that these add up. Drivers generally don’t know which part of their car is going to break first, nor can they really predict which parts of the car will be most troublesome over its lifetime. That’s one problem with signing up for car repair insurance that only covers certain parts systems. The insurance burden.

Drivers already pay a good bit of insurance, just to get a car on the street. Since today’s basic liability insurance doesn’t cover at-fault damages, many drivers go with comprehensive insurance, which incurs additional costs. Many drivers are happy just to get all of the required insurance for dealing with the costs of a wreck or collision. Car repair insurance puts even more of an insurance burden on the driver’s wallet.

Claims handling.
Those who routinely deal with any kind of insurance know the game that insurers often play: an insurer will enthusiastically endorse an insurance product, and sign up new customers. Where it gets tricky is when the insurer is asked to actually pay a claim. Insurance buyers know that fine print can “void” much of the insurer’s obligation. In the minds of many drivers, there’s no point in paying for theoretical breakdown situations, only to find that in the rare chance that they do occur, some clause in the policy lets the insurer off the hook.

The Waiting Game.
When insurers do payout, it may take months for the payment to reach the customer. That’s the time that a driver may not have to balance his or her checkbook against the financial liability of the vehicle breakdown. Again, a large number of drivers choose instead to keep money on hand for use in the event of a parts malfunction or breakdown of the car or truck they depend on for daily transportation. Happy Motoring.

Nissan Helps Make The Putt Every Time

When you hear the name Nissan, you quickly think of automobiles. But did
you know that Nissan is also known for its technology? Nissan’s
ProPILOT 2.0, the driver assistance technology, is about to debut in
September, allowing golfers to put their putting nerves aside.

The ProPILOT 2.0 was designed to work with the vehicle’s navigation system. The ProPILOT golf ball can now assist golfers to sink a putt every time, helping even novice golfers to perform like the pros.

ProPILOT golf ball is guided by an overhead camera, detecting the position of the ball and cup. The ball’s monitoring system calculates the best route based on the direction of the ball, and adjusts its direction to help make a perfect putt. Golf will never be the same. Happy Motoring

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