Will Your Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage? It Depends on the Policy

Flood car in front of houseWill Your Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage? It Depends on the Policy (Southern Financial Insurance)

When Hurricane Sandy hit last year, it caused massive amounts of flooding along the East Coast. Not only did this flooding damage homes and businesses, it also destroyed the cars of many Americans.
When these people tried to file an insurance claim, some received very bad news: their insurance would not cover any of the damage. Only certain types of car insurance cover floods. To protect your vehicle against floods, you need to have comprehensive coverage.
Basic Liability Coverage Doesn’t Include Floods

The reason so many Americans couldn’t collect on their insurance was because they only bought the most basic level of car insurance, liability coverage. Don’t get us wrong, liability coverage is incredibly important. If you get into an accident and it’s your fault, this type of insurance will pay for the damage to other people’s property and protect you in case you get sued.

However, liability coverage only covers the damages of other people. When people had their own cars destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, they could not collect on their liability coverage. In addition, homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance policies also do not cover flood damage to cars. As a result, many Americans that thought they were protected were stuck paying for all this damage on their own.

Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage
When you upgrade to comprehensive coverage, your car insurance covers much more. This type of policy pays to repair damage to your car from many different disasters. Floods are included as well as fires, hail storms, deer accidents, and vandalism. If someone steals your car, your comprehensive coverage will also cover the loss.

Keep in mind that comprehensive coverage won’t cover the damage to your car from a car accident. To get these repairs covered, you also need a collision policy. If you’re unsure about what your car insurance currently covers, you should meet with your agent to make sure you aren’t exposed to any coverage gaps.

Hurricane Sandy put many unprepared car owners in a very tough financial situation. Hopefully, you can learn from their mistakes and protect your valuable asset with comprehensive coverage. Did you know that there are different types of car insurance? Are you worried that you may be driving right now without proper protection?

Article from: Southern Financial Insurance Group

Ladies, What to Know When Buying A Car

Ladies, What to Know When Buying A Car

Let me tell you what women need to know about buying a car in one sentence: What a woman needs to know when buying a car is exactly the same as what a man needs to know.

I recently had the opportunity while working for a previous employer to be in the market for a new vehicle to be used for floral delivery. If you think that women are not treated differently when purchasing cars, parts, or in need of car repairs, you’re mistaken.

Because I have been a mechanic for some 40 years, I have a very strong knowledge of automobiles and also how dealerships work, depending on who is purchasing the car. Just because you are female, doesn’t mean you are unknowledgeable about cars.

On my recent trip to the local dealership I made sure to have completed my homework on the type and make of vehicle best suited for the floral female at dealership department’s needs. I checked several sites, including manufacturers and car review websites, to gather as much information about the vehicles as possible. Buying a new or used vehicle is the second biggest investment one will make in their lifetime, next to purchasing a home.

I researched dealerships with the Better Business Bureau and local review websites. In this case I chose the local Honda dealership and a local internet dealership to start my car buying adventure. The company I worked for at the time always bought a large purchase with cash/check, so I made sure to have two checks made out, one for each dealership, to use against each other, because at the end of the day, I planned to drive away with what I came for, a new car.

The internet dealership was my first stop. After circling the car lot like a vulture, looking for the perfect car, I entered the showroom looking for a sales person. Have you ever noticed that when you enter a car lot or a showroom area, you are met with so many people that want to help you, it feels as if you just won a million dollars and all your long lost family and friends love you again?

I was approached by a male sales person asking what he could do for me. I immediately explained that I was going to buy a car today, either from them or the local Honda dealership. I showed him what vehicle I was interested in and wanted to talk price since I’d done my homework on the used car pricing. I was amazed to find that they were not willing to haggle at all. The price is the price.

Well, so much for that, I packed up and left. I walked right across the road and started the same dialog with the Honda dealership. There, they were will to haggle. Do not let them talk to you as if you only know where it is you want to put your purse in the new car. They sometimes look at every woman as if she was blonde. Just to be clear, I know a lot of smart blondes, so don’t let that work against you.Female Car Buying

I chose to sit in the showroom and discuss the purchase rather than their office. I have known some car lots that have a microphone in their office so when they leave the room, they can hear what you discuss about the deal. They tell you they need to speak with their boss about your demands.

I told the salesman that I was just fine right there and would only go into the office after the deal was finalized. I already knew the set price I was going to pay, and not a penny more. When the deal came down to a $500.00 difference, we ended up agreeing to split it.

So ladies, listen up, if you are in the market to buy a new or used car, here are a few tips you need to know.

Top 10 Car Buying Tips for Women

1. Don’t have your husband call about ANYTHING. Because if he does, they’ll assume he is the sole decision maker.

2. When you do visit a dealership, take a man with you. I know that seems to contradict all of my advice, but if you have a man in your corner, even if he’s not buying the car, your voice will be heard a little louder.female and male buying a car

3. Women are emotional buyers. Even if we’re not, that’s what car salesmen think. Therefore, the rock solid level-headed MAN is there to balance out our silly emotions. At least, that’s what the sales rep will think.
4. Know everything you can about the car you are looking at. The websites today have so much information that you have the ability to show how much you know about the car you want to buy and can ask intelligent questions. It helps gives you more of an air of authority if the whole man-thing isn’t working out for you.
5. Ask to look under the hood. Even if you could care less what is under the hood and don’t know what the dipstick is, pretend you know and you care. Again, it goes back to showing you know something about cars.

6. Know the true market value of the car you want. This isn’t the MSRP  (manufactured suggested retail price) and it isn’t the invoice price. It is the average price that the car you want is selling for in your area (based on zip code). It’s based on supply and demand and gives you a realistic look at what you should pay. I usually use, Target Price, or to determine True Market Value.

7. Assume that EVERYTHING is negotiable. Because it is. This includes the price of the car, the value of your trade-in, the package prices, the dealer fees, and the interest rate on your financing. It sucks to have to argue every point, but if you want a good price, you need to fight. They won’t give it to you otherwise.

8. Be prepared to walk away. NEVER buy on impulse and never buy because you feel bad or think you’ll lose the deal. It’s a game and I will almost guarantee that if you walk out of a dealership because you are unhappy with the terms, you will get another offer from them the next day that is the same or very close to the offer you actually want.

9. Pit the dealerships against each other. It sounds terrible but they play the same game. “Well, XYZ Dealership will sell me the car for $26.5 AND give me the $500 rebate. Can you match that?” Ultimately, this is how we got the deal we wanted. And we were honest about that.

10. Know your rock bottom deal. Don’t play games. The best way to get a deal is to give an ultimatum. Tell the sales rep that if they can give you THIS car at THIS price, you will buy right now, on the spot. That motivates them to work harder for you.

Having proven that these 10 steps really do work, now it is your turn. I will be here to cheer you on.



Independent Women – Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car.

Independent Women – Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car.

Are you one of those women who feel that you need a man to do things for you? What happens when he is no longer in your life? Trying to find another one just to care for the things you are unfamiliar with may not be the right choice. Learning to be independent is important because it gives you the self confidence that you can make it on your own.

Learning how to care for your car is important in many ways. It will help save you money on costly repairs and you will become more secure with handling any situation as it arises.

How many of you have had to take your car in for repairs, or went to the auto parts store only to feel as if you have no idea what they are talking about? This is why I find it extremely important to learn some of the very basic things when it comes to your car.

1. Learn to change a tire.

punctured wheel

Learn the correct way to change a tire

Flat tires happen to everyone at some point, and they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient moments. Yes, you can always call your knight in shining armor to come rescue you, or you can hopefully wait for a stranger to help, which in my book is not always a safe bet. But you can save time if you know how to change the tire yourself. It’s actually quite easy, and you’ll only get a little dirty.

Most cars have a spare tire you can use until you take the damaged tire to a repair shop, or buy a new one. Some car models today are installing Run Flat Tires which require no spare tire, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to be sure.

All you have to do is pull the spare out of the back of your car, jack your car up, and swap the damaged tire for the spare. There’s not much skill to it. All you really need to know is where to place the jack and how to remove the lug nuts. With a little practice, you can change a flat tire on your own without a problem.

2. Learn to change a broken headlight or tail light

Another common car repair is changing out broken headlights and tail lights, especially on older cars. This is an easy repair anyone can do, regardless of gender, as it doesn’t require any muscle. Most of the time, all you have to do is pull back the lining of your car to access the headlight panel. Then, you just change out the old light for a new one. If you can’t figure out what light bulb to buy, simply remove the broken light and show it to an associate at an auto parts store to get the perfect replacement. It’s that simple.

3. Windshield Wipers

After a year or two, windshield wipers don’t work as well as they used to, and they need to be replaced. This is an easy car repair that you can do yourself. All you need to do is find the size of your windshield wiper, which is typically found on your old windshield wipers or in your car’s manual. Then, simply snap off the old ones and put on the new ones.

When you go in for a routine oil change at your local car maintenance shop, they always try to up-sell you. One common item that you get offered is windshield wipers. Don’t get taken in by this. This is how repair shops make extra revenue.

You could save a lot of money by buying windshield wipers at an auto parts store and installing them yourself. Many of the auto parts stores can also instruct you on the replacement.

4. Learn to talk to a mechanicwomen talking car-repair1

Learning the basics of how to talk to your mechanic or repair shop is key to saving you money or being caught up in the up-sell. Let’s face it, the mechanical industry is mostly dominated by men. I agree that there are a few of us female mechanics out there, but chances are good that when you need to have your car repaired, you’re going to be helped by a man.

It is a common consensus that women know less about cars than men do. Personally, I know for a fact that many men are not that knowledgeable about cars, as reports dictate. Many are too embarrassed to admit it. This is in no way a slam towards men in general, just a common fact. There are reports to prove that women are often times charged more for repairs than men are, because mechanics feel that women won’t know the difference.

Be sure to compare prices with other shops. Once you have the repair quote, call around to insure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Finding a repair shop that is professional, honest, and knowledgeable is extremely important.

There are plenty of car repairs you can learn to master with a little knowledge, such as changing your own engine oil, air filter, and drive belts. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you cannot fix your own car.
Be Independent. Happy motoring.

10 Things To Remember During Summer Months

10 Things To Remember During Summer Months

1. Mark your calendar to perform your vehicles weekly checks

2. Check your tire tread depth. It you lack a depth gauge, then using a penny attractive woman trying to repair the car
can also work. Place the penny with Lincolns head towards the tire into the tread gap, if the depth is below the top of his head, then time to replace your tires. the penny test

3. Check to insure your spare tire (for those vehicles that have them) to make sure your spare has the proper amount of air pressure. Nothing more embarrassing than to have a spare as flat as the one you are trying to change out.

4. Check/Change your engine oil. Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It keeps hardworking engine parts running clean, smooth and cool. Most owners’ manuals suggest that you change your oil and oil filter every 7,500 miles (12,070 kilometers). Oil change specialists suggest every 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) or three months. The fact is, most of us do a lot of heavy driving during the summer when an engine is more likely to overheat. So at least check your oil before you head out on that road trip with the family.

5. Check all your engine fluids, transmission, power steering, brake, coolant and windshield wiper fluids. They all play a vital role in keeping your car operating at its peak performance.

6. Check your engine drive belts. Heat and cold temperatures play havoc on their longevity. Inspect for cracks or chunks missing on the belt.
7. Check your hoses for softness, cracks, and leaks at the clamps or seeping.

8. Check your air filter. During winter and summer months, dirt can build up in and around your air filter. They are relatively inexpensive to replace. If your air filter becomes dirty, it can cause loss of power and will consume excessive amounts of gasoline.check your air filter

9. Brakes, Your brakes are the single most important safety feature on your car. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk this summer by riding around on worn down or faulty brakes. Many shops offer a free safety inspection.

10. Lastly, check your engines battery. A weak battery can cause your summer plans to have a bump in the road. Having it checked is very important to keeping your engine running. Many shops and auto parts stores offer a free battery check. It can give you a piece of mind.

Remember to check your owners manual, it is a wealth of information on how to check your fluids and the location of where they are located.

Eric Neusel and His 1961 Little Nash Rambler Amercian

Eric Neusel and His 1961 Little Nash Rambler Amercian

Have you ever wondered how someone falls in love with a specific style of car? Is it because of the make, the model, color, or does it just hit you once you feast your eyes on it? Those are all very good questions.

On my recent trip to Minden, Nevada to participate in the annual “Rappin In Minden” car show, hosted by the local chapter of the Northern Nevada Inliners Car Club, I had the pleasure of speaking with car enthusiast, Eric Neusel, who acquired his car only after his sister lost interest in it, after purchasing it as her college ride. Eric was tasked with the job of locating a car for his sister and that’s when he came upon the perfect car.IMG_1847

It’s a 1961 Rambler, which was the first year of the unibody and of this body style. It is motored by a straight 6 cylinder engine and the price seemed right at the time, $1,200. This cute Rambler was a styling 2 door convertible with a manual transmission.

The Rambler was not in perfect shape, but definitely good enough for a college student. Eric’s sister looked at this 1961 Rambler only as a source of transportation, but in Eric’s eyes, it was truly much more.

After about six months of driving the Rambler, his sister became bored with it. Eric knew this was the time to jump in and offer some money to purchase the car from her. Knowing that she paid $1,200 for the Rambler, he offered $600 and his sister accepted.

Eric had visions for this cute convertible Rambler American, so he slowly began to fix her up. The top was white so this gave him the idea to give it a Red, White and Blue theme, since the car’s model name is the American Rambler. To date, Eric has owned the car for 10 years and lives in Carson City, Nevada.


Let’s look at just how this car came to be.

The Rambler American automobile was built as a intermediate sized car that was introduced as a high performance car and manufactured by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) between 1958 and 1969.

The American was the second incarnation of AMC’s forerunner Nash Motors second generation Rambler compact that was sold under the Nash and Hudson Motors marques from 1954 and 1955.IMG_1850

The American can be classified in three distinct model year generations: 1958 to 1960, 1961 to 1963, and 1964 to 1969. During the entire length of its production, the car was sold under the Rambler brand name, and was the last Rambler named automobile marketed in the Canadian and United States markets.

The compact Rambler American was most often the lowest priced car built in the U.S. It was popular for its economy in ownership, as was proven by numerous Mobilgas Economy Run championships.

So every time you hear the song, Little Nash Rambler, think of Eric Neusel and his 1961 Rambler American convertible.

Women on Wheels, Juliet McGuire

Women On Wheels, Juliet McGuire

Juliet McGuire was born in Cape Town, South Africa which is, as she puts it, “The most beautiful place on Earth.” Growing up she never had visions of one day educating women about their automobiles. Her focus as she grew older was film and television. Her studies took her into English and Psychology, before completing her honors degree in Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.cape-town

In high school, her boyfriend was really car crazy and because of his excitement involving automobiles, it sparked an interest in Juliet. While completing her honors year, her thesis was on female motoring journalists in South Africa. This then lead her to Car Magazine, (which is South Africa’s leading motoring magazine), where she completed her monthlong internship.

One would think that once you had your degree, you’d be ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. Not so for Juliet McGuire. She refused to leave the position at Car Magazine and only after seven years did she decide to move on.

This is when Women On Wheels was started, 12 years ago, only as a supplemental magazine that was small enough to fit in a cubby hole. It was designed for women, providing useful information like how to change a tire, and tips on buying a car. The company approached Juliet and asked her to start a website and make it the number one destination for women for all things automotive related.

This lead to her own television show called Tech Report on their cable network, which was everything technology and gadgets. But Juliet did not stop there. This show sparked yet another show for Juliet, called Ignition TV, for car reviews.WOW mag

Juliet McGuire entered into a world mostly dominated by males, where because of her beauty and being a young Blondie, she felt that she was never really taken seriously. Her road has been long and challenging, but one that she could not be prouder of. Juliet loves what she does and says it’s a great feeling that people, both male and female, turn to her for car buying advice now.

I’d say this, Blondie has broken the mold and is an inspiration for other women to follow, whatever their passion might be.

Tune in June 9th to hear Juliet McGuire as my guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show. In case you missed the interview, go to scroll down to Teresa’s Garage, click it on, then find show June 9, 2015, right click it and Save. It will download for your listening pleasure. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss. Happy Motoring.