Flashback Cruise in Bend, Oregon

Flashback Cruise in Bend, Oregon

The members have arrived at the Flashback Cruise in Bend, Oregon. The Monte Carlos have lined up from those who have arrive so far from all over the country, to include Canada. Check out all the nice cars and the weather is perfect. The First Generation Monte Carlo Club is having the annual meet in at the Flashback Cruise in Bend, Oregon, where all members also have an opportunity to win awards provided by their own club and could possibly win awards from the Flashback Cruise.

This First Generation Monte Carlo Club maintains their own website to include an E store for members to purchase some really great items. There was one member who was in desperate need of help because of a misfortune with his car and many of the members pitched in to help out in any way they could. The closeness of this club is seen from every angle and all are proud to be a part of such a great group of car enthusiasts.

Many of the members bring their families to enjoy in the fun and many of the car owners drive the distance in their Monte Carlo. These members look forward to the next meet every year and the annual meet is never held in the same place. It is always a new adventure meeting some really awesome car owners. So sit back and enjoy the fun. More to follow! Stay tune


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