Caprice Peugeot Caster

Caprice Peugeot Caster, events and promotions Director for Professional’s Choice, is coming to Reno, Nevada and is charge of putting to

Caprice Peugeot Caster

gether a national conference for Automotive Parts Associates, which is made up of several after market automotive parts companies. Caprice Peugeot Caster was a recent guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show explaining how aftermarket companies work together bringing quality and competitive pricing to the consumer when dealing with aftermarket parts in the automotive industry.

Why APA is the right choice for Independents


The aftermarket replacement parts business continues to evolve rapidly and as such, brings with it many challenges for the independent distributor in order to keep up with those changes.  Membership quickly teaches those that join APA the value of belonging to such a Group.


APA’s successful approach to serving its members has become a great mix of buying power, marketing support, customer loyalty programs and education. We do the leg work of negotiating favorable pricing with the manufacturers and attain better deals and rebates for our members than they could get on their own.  We are continually monitoring the pulse of the industry and our shareholders’ needs to make sure we’re providing the right product lines at the right price with the right terms.


Additionally, we offer customer loyalty programs that include two major sweepstakes events each year.  APA handles all administrative work and offers the promotions to its shareholders at no cost.  The promotions are fresh and exciting and have the history of keeping customers returning to our member distributors for more chances to win.


APA administers a highly popular and effective incentive earn back trip that is organized for its shareholders and their customers every other January. This marketing and sales event is also another great perk of membership in APA.  The trip entices customers to buy from our WD’s for earn back rewards towards the trip.  It’s also proven to be a great time for our members to spend quality time with their customers in a fun, relaxing atmosphere to help build those relationships that last a lifetime for all involved. That personal touch is one of the differentiating factors APA brings to its membership and their customers compared to other organizations.


Another great value APA brings to its members is education.  Several times a year APA offers opportunities for its members to network amongst themselves as well as with key manufacturers. 


Our Annual Shareholders’ and Manufacturers’ Conference, which is held each March, offers educational sessions on the hottest topics affecting our industry. It is also a great networking opportunity to talk business strategy with your peers.  The majority of our Manufacturers are also on hand with beneficial show specials made exclusively for APA members during the one-on-one sessions at the conference.  Millions of dollars in sales occur each year as a result of our Annual Conference.


Throughout the remainder of the year, APA continues to offer opportunities for its members to network with each other, the APA staff, and key approved and preferred manufacturers.  Each year we rotate a regional meeting across the country to discuss hot issues pertinent to specific market areas.


Additionally, during Industry Week in Las Vegas we treat our members to complimentary group breakfasts and lunch in an informal setting so they can discuss a variety of topics with fellow members and get fueled up for the busy show. Vendor presentations and one-on-one meetings provide excellent opportunities for business enhancements to occur.


APA has active committees made up of its members that include a Board of Directors, a Product Committee and an “i-Success” Technology Committee. A robust Data Solutions initiative has brought substantial business intelligence tools to the membership and its supporting vendor community. By supporting these member committees, APA is ensuring that the membership is headed in the right direction for overall business success.


APA, which is a not-for-profit group, believes its buying group is strong because we put the members first; treat every member equally, and we maintain a strong foundation for our members so they can build their businesses. We also build strong loyalty with their customers. We are the highest value group for the lowest cost.


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