Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Guest Racer Emily Cook

Times-Tribune Here is an article about Racer Emily Cook from the Times-Tribune. Emily was a special guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show October 23, 2018.

CORBIN— Half the size of a late model car and not much bigger than her, a black and pink mini cup car bought for her 12th birthday has become a prized possession and passion for Emily Cook.

After attending a race at the Corbin Speedway with her parents, 15-year-old Cook of Corbin saw one of the mini cup cars on the track and knew she had to have one herself.

“I saw this thing come out and I said, ‘I want one of these’,” Cook said. “It blew my mind.”

Cook said when she found out an 8-year-old boy was driving one of the race cars she knew she had the potential to drive one as well.

Cook began tinkering with racing cars at the age of 12 — yes, 12. Her parents drove to Pennsylvania in the midst of a snowstorm to buy the car in order to make her dreams come true. Since Cook’s 12th birthday she’s been pursuing that dream ever since. Cook said there aren’t many mini cup racers in the community or are there places to race locally.

Cook said she didn’t have any formal training she just jumped in the car and basically taught herself.

Cook and her family travel to Newport, Tennessee, both to practice and compete.  Cook said with the cars, travel and lift it takes more than two hours to get there. The distance is not a question for Cook and her family.

Ultimately, Cook aspires to be a NASCAR driver and already has scouts looking at her. Her mother, Shilo Alsip admits that it’s scary but said there’s no denying she’s good.

“Everybody is shocked at how quick she picked it up,” Alsip said about Cook’s racing talent.

Cook attends race events yearly held in Knoxville and will soon be featured in Let’s Race magazine.

Currently, Cook stands in third place with points but will race again on Saturday in Newport. There are several more races left in the season and Cook hopes to bring home the championship.

You can connect with Emily  on Facebook, Twitter, Emily Cook Racing

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