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2000 Izuzu Rodeo

Vw_engine_checkHI Windy,

I own a 2000 Izuzu Rodeo and I am totally confused, you see I have a check engine light on and thought I would run down to the local parts store to have the code checked out. They informed me that the code was because I did not tighten my gas cap or that it might be bad. Ok, so I bought one, they cleared the light for it only to come on again. Same code. I returned to let them know that it came on again after about 50 miles. They indicated that I might have either a leak in my of my evap lines or a bad canister. Since I haven’t a clue what they are speaking, which I think is another language, I thought I would pick your computer brain for some help.

Thanks Misty

Well Misty,

First I should advise you to read my owner’s article on That Pesty Check Engine Light. It could shed some light on the subject. Then I would recommend you taking your car to a repair shop, not your auto parts store where they are in the market of just that, selling parts. Please make sure to go to a reliable shop where you can openly and freely discuss the topic of bad cans and/or leakage. No self respecting car wants to talk about her cans with just anyone! I have been there before, and my paint turned red at the thought of it. Worry not. This kind of thing is more common than you might think.The code that is displayed is only an area of where the problem is, not the root of it. Other tests need to be done in order to determine the cause.

Many people make the same mistake as you by going with what the Part Stores think is the problem and then purchase the part only to find out, that Pesty Check Engine Light came back on. Money wasted replacing parts that were not the problem. If you do not already have a good mechanic, ask friends or check with the Better Business Bureau. It just might save you money. Happy Motoring

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