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Adams 3 waxesHello Windy,

I have a question for you and hopefully you can shed some light on it for me. I don’t own a show car, but I want to keep my everyday driver looking fab as you put it.

Unfortunately I park my car outside and she gets dirty quite often, so keeping her clean is a chore in itself. Are there products on the market that you recommend? There seems to be some many detail products out there that when you go shopping for one, it can make your head spin with all the various manufactures.

Thanks Evelyn

Evelyn, I applaud you for wanting to keep your vehicle in great shape and looking FAB. Many car owners are in the same boat as you are, not having a garage or covered parking spot to help keep the elements from working havoc on your car. My owner using Adams Polishes products to help keep me looking beautiful and have for many years. Just recently my owner became one of their dealers so now I can really spread the wax to anyone that asks or wishes to purchase the product at a great price. For the outside if you do not have water available, you can use the Water-less Wash. It works wonders on a dirty car.

For a quick wax you can use their Buttery Wax. It goes one easy in any temperature hot or cold. At least once a year my owner applies a really good wax by using Adams machine waxes, which needs to be applied by a polishing machine. I like when she does that because for me it is like getting a really good rub down. They also have interior, car wash soap, check them out on their website. If you just need to do a quick detail, then use their Detail spray. I never have a bottle to far away from my owners side. My owner sells to everyone on Facebook or this website at wholesale so if you need to purchase anyone of their products, email her at teresa@teresasgarage.com or leave a message below. Hapyy Motoring. http://www.adamspolishes.com/default.aspx

To learn more about keeping your RV’s outer shell in tip top shape, please check out Your RV Lifestyle.

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