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Windy Wiper explains how to Install an ECM on a 1993 S-10 blazer

 Hi Windy Wiper,

I’d like to know if I can easily install an ECM in my 1993 S-10 Blazer. Hopefully, I bought the
right one, but I’d like to by pass mechanics and their shops if I can. I have
reasons 🙁

When I bought it, I was told it was a plug-and-go type of

Windy Wiper I really like your site.



Dear Dawnne,

First things first! I would like to thank you for the lovely compliment. I like to put my best tread forward to insure reader happiness!

Your question is a good one, and I can tell you that most cars I have spoken to find that their owners have the same confusion when it comes to the ECM. ECM stands for Electronic Control Modules and all Chevy S10’s and Pickups require one for the engine to be able to monitor all the sensors installed. One would think that replacing it would be an easy task, not so. Each car has specific features that require different programming and the ECM must be set up for each specific vehicle it resides in. They are usually located underneath and slightly up behind the glove box.

1993 Chevy Pick up/S10 ECM

Without knowing your symptoms, I can only assume that your car’s engine stopped running. I can also feel your pain about unscrupulous mechanics; I have had a few who tried to lure me in to talking about my “ECM or brain.” Unfortunately, some mechanics only want one thing!

My mother, Heada Liner, has been warning me about them since I rolled out of the factory, but please do not condemn all of them. Caring for the well-being of all of my kind is always top priority. So in order to get your engine revving again after the ECM is installed and yes you are capable of performing such a task, but then it will need to head to the dealer for reprogramming. Most mechanic shops are not equipped with the type of tools needed to do so.

So I am attaching the tools needed and how to perform the removal and installation process. Happy Motoring.

Windy Wiper  Windy Wiper's Steering Column

Things You’ll Need:
Wrench or socket set
In order to insure that you purchase the correct ECM for your vehicle, you must have the VIN and Part Number off the old one in order to purchase the correct one for you’re automobile.
Remove the nut from the negative battery cable using a socket set or wrench. Slide the cable off of the battery and set it aside. (Caution, Please wear safety Eye protection)
Turn the headlight switch to the “On” position to drain the ECM of any remaining power. Wait at least 10 minutes, then turn it back to the “Off” position.
3 Remove the ECM from underneath the glove box and slightly up, using a wrench or socket with ratchet. There will be two types of connectors that plug into the side of the ECM they should be color coded so when reinstalling they will be easy to match up. You will see that they are secured by a plastic tab which you will need to push down on and slowly remove the connector. Then reinstall in reverse. You may need to return the old one as a core in some cases.

The vehicle will then need to be towed to the dealer for programming.

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  1. Charles White
    Nov 20, 2016 - 11:46 AM

    What if I have a used one from another vehicle? Here is what I have. I changed the transmission from the 700r4E and replaced it with the 460L only the transmission will not shift properly. However it was in the other blazer of the same year and all electronics. I figure to change the ECM to alleviate the problem. Can you give me any feedback prior to this change
    I feel that this might be a better alternative than an expensive aftermarket module to get the transmission to shift properly.

    • 1Female
      Dec 03, 2016 - 08:12 PM

      I gather your vehicle is the same as the one stated in this article? If so, you will need to change the wiring and some other items. You see, the E in your original transmission stands for Electronic and so the ECM does not see the transmission at all. The two trans are similar but you will need to either get a PCM from a 350/4L80E truck and then add the wires for the Input Speed Sensor (which I’m told you will need for 4 low operation) or dive into Do It Yourself tuning and stay with the 350/4L60E program and turn a bunch of crap off such as the 3-2 and TCC PWM solenoid diagnostics so that codes don’t set. You would also have to input the correct trans ratios and modified shift points and TCC settings into the 4L60E program like I did to make it work in this way. Also using the 4L60E programming you will need to install a relay inline on the shift solenoid B circuit to invert its signal. Shift solenoid B works opposite 4L60E to 4L80E. Also the 3-2 solenoid wire needs to be pinned to a dumby cavity in the connector along with the PWM wire.


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