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How Often Should I Change My Air Filter

Hello Windy,

I have been curious as to a few things pertaining to my car, how often should I Change My Air Filter and can you enlighten me as to where it might be. I keep forgetting to ask the shops when I have my oil changed and many times they say that I need something only to find out I did not. I want to be able to look at it and determine if that is true or not. Also, are there better brands than others when it comes to the air filter. I know that cheap may not always be the best.

J. Taylor

Well J. Taylor,

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Making sure your Air Filter is clean plays an important roll in your engines ability to breath. One time I almost turned blue because my Air filter was plugged, blue does go good with pink, but not in this caswe.  My owner ended up having to change my oil since the fuel that I did not burn ended up in my engine oil. Not a good thing. I lost power and started to choke. My owner took out the Air filter and found that it was very dirty not allowing clean fresh air to enter into my engine, which caused me to run rough. Depending on your location, you may need to change it more frequently if you live in a dusty area.

Air filters are located in a air filter box that has a large hose that extends to the top of the engine on the intake manifold. It looks similar to the one in the photograph. Without knowing exactly what type of vehicle you are describing, it is hard to offer the correct information, but this should give you the idea of what to look for. Make sure to look at the old filter closely on both sides to determine whether it needs replacing. Air Filters for the most part are inexpensive so if your unsure as to just how dirty it might be, then to be safe, change it. Hold it up into the sunlight and if you can see through it in several locations in the filter, then it still has several more miles to protect your engine. Hope that helps. Happy Motoring

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