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My vehicles tune up

Hi Windy,

A quick question for you about my vehicles tune up. I am curious as to what it entails when your car has a tune up. I am not mechanically educated but am looking to learn more about my car in hopes of getting the best price for repairs. In the past I have trusted the repair shops but feel as if I have been taken advantage of after reading some of your articles. I own a 2001 Kia Rio and it is in need of a tune up so I thought I would send you a questions in hopes of getting the straight scoop.

Thanks Melanie

Well Melanie,

I commend you for wanting to learn more about your car’s repairs and the strain it can put on your wallet. It is as important to look good on the inside as it is on the outside. What good is having a sassy chassis and a cool paint job if you can’t show them off? Trust me, I have missed a car show or two because I didn’t realize my plugs weren’t sparking!! Checking around is key, but make sure you check the shops reputation as well before handing over your car and then it is held hostage before you pay the bill and can drive it again. Being stuck at a strange garage is the worst. I should know.

A Kia Rio is relatively simple. I believe your vehicle has a 4 cylinder engine, which means you would need 4 spark plug wires and 4 spark plugs. I would recommend replacing the fuel filter, air filter and oil change if not already done.

I also recommend rotating your tires on every oil change to help with getting the most out of your tread. If you have A/C, then a cabin filter may also be installed in this vehicle which should also be changed. Many people neglect to do so giving your cabin air a nasty smell.

Also, have you had your brake fluid changed, that is an important must depending on the manufactures specifications. Check your owners manual to see at which mileage it should be performed. Good Luck Melanie. Happy Motoring.

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