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Hi Windy,
My question to you is about windshield wipers. How often should I need to replace the wiper blades? It seems that they only last one season and it never fails that when it is raining the blade seems to fall apart. Am I doing something wrong or maybe the brand I might be buying is made of that foreign rubber. The next problem is I took my car in to have the wipers checked and they wanted to charge me 40.00 for parts and labor. Is there a cheaper way to go about this? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Well Margie Wipers are my specialty. After all, they do not call me Windy Wiper for nothing. Let’s get down to the Nuts and Bolts of your question. First you want to make sure you are buying a name brand if you are looking for the rubber to last more than one season. Second, if you are parking your car outside all the time, then this will cause the rubber to dry, crack and become brittle which means it will break when you need it the most, during a rain storm.

There are many auto parts stores across the country that will install them for you for free if you ask them. And if you’re not lucky enough to live near one, then check that all important owner’s manual for some guidance on how to remove and install the wiper blades. If you do park your car outside, then I would recommend applying rubber treatment a few times a year. Adams Polishes sells this as do other manufactures on the market. Remember, wiper blades are like American Express credit cards – Don’t leave home without them! I hope this helps. Happy Motoring.

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