Windy Advises on Pumping the Correct Grade Of Gasoline

Windy Wiper's Steering ColumnWell Windy,

My question is about pumping the correct grade of gasoline for my car. I hear from many friends who all have different opinions, but who really has the correct answer. I feel as if I am on a game show and which curtain has the best answer 1,2 or 3. I know that the internet is a great resource for information but I find that all the stories I read are very opinionated as well. So I thought I would go straight to a source, the car. Silly I know, but it is worth a shot.

Sincerely, Linda

Linda, I never like to discuss passing gas, but it is a necessary evil. That being said, yours is an excellent question.
You are smart to ask about which grade of gasoline is right for your particular car because not all are created equally. The first thing I would do is to check your owners manual to see what the manufacture recommends. I think I say this same line to most of my gas pumpreaders with questions because that book is a wealth of information. I consider mine to be like a Bible with a new car smell! With more and more options arriving at a gas station near you, knowing what is the right choice to pump is very important. Choosing the wrong grade can cause your vehicle to perform poorly or create problems.

A former owner made the mistake of giving me several full tanks of the wrong gas while on a road trip, and I tooted from Tampa Bay to Tennessee! I begged my owner to dump a bottle of Tums down my tank, but my request fell on deaf ears. Depending on your altitude it can also be a deciding factor. All fuels have the same cosmetics but the additives and octane ratings vary. For instance, Chevron fuel is a very good quality fuel, but you pay for what is in it. Many times your less expensive fuels may not always be good for your wallet in the long run. So depending on what you can afford and what your manufacture recommends, be wise in your selection at the pump.

Happy Motoring

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