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Windy Gives Advice on Changing Your Oil

Dear Windy,

I am writing to you in hopes of gaining some knowledge as to the different companies who offer oil changes at a reduced or inexpensive cost. Some are close to where I work or live, but are all shops equal? I see that many offer a certain brand of oil while others charge more for the customers choice of oil than the brand they carry. So should I believe what is advertised or pick a nationwide company? All so confusing. I am new to the driving world and want to take care of the car I have. It isn’t new by any means, but it is mine. Hope to hear back soon.


Tabitha, Oil changes are important to a car much like the right grade of gasoline. Think of an oil change as going to a dirty salon to get a facial. I’m pretty sure most luxury spas don’t have grease pits, but you get the idea. So, choosing the right mechanic shop to perform this service can offer you a longer life for your engine. Grades of oil are something to think about because they’re not all created equal. The oil cosmetics are what make each brand different. Long live cosmetics!! I never leave the garage without them. First you need to check your owners manual to see what the manufacture recommends. You know that book that stays in the glove box and never gets to see the light of day. It is a wealth of information. You would be surprised.

Then call around to shops of your choice, but like I have explained in previous questions, do your homework before changing your oil. I remember a story my owner shared with me about a customer’s car she worked on. They used a certain brand of oil, one of which I not dare repeat, and it caused sludge inside the engine and one day, it stopped. If it had been one of my friends, I think I would have held my exhaust fumes.

There are many specifics when it comes to oil brands and additives. I would go with what is recommended, better to be running like a charm than stuck on the side of the road. Check back to the website since my owner will be featuring an article on Oil Specifics. You will be amazed. Happy Motoring

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