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Windy advises on buying a Classic Car

Good morning Windy,

My husband is into Classic cars and I am beginning to get the bug and wanted to know about buying a classic car. Going to car shows and meeting all the great car people has been rather energizing. I am finding that many of the women are getting into this blast of the past that I find myself looking into finding a car for myself. My question is simple I think, should I pick a specific type of vehicle, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, which make is easier to locate parts. My husband is stuck on Chrysler’s but not always can he find the parts he is searching for. Should I choose a 2 door or 4 door? I never realized how many things one must think about before jumping in to owning a classic. Any insight would be awesome.


Well Lorraine, as a classic myself, I find your interest in becoming a classic vehicle owner very exciting! My owner is a woman who has loved cars her entire life and is quite the mechanic as you can see by how well I have been restored.. There are many questions to ask. As not to tread on my friends who are various makes, I can honestly say, Chevy parts are easier to locate and purchase, but with the Internet today, parts can be available with some searching. I am a two door and many people find a two door to be a desirable body style, but 4 doors are becoming popular due to the demand since many 2 doors are becoming scarce. You need to lay out your plan and what type of car you might be looking for, but remember when your ready to purchase, check out this website on the do’s and don’t of buying a car. Have your mechanic check it out before you say I do. Do you want it completely stock or modified? A car is your a reflection of your personality, so choose wisely and love it as my owner cares for me. Drab to Fab I always say and do your homework. You can also learn tips on how to keep that beautiful baby looking fabulous on our website. Happy Motoring

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