Brooke Keast Dishrags to Dirt Bags

Brooke Keast Dishrags to Dirt Bags

How does a woman go from being a housewife to wanting to become a Deputy Sheriff? For me there was never a question, I wanted to be not only a Deputy but the love for everything mechanical was also an appetite I developed since I was a little girl, it was more than a dream for me, it was a lifetime.

But what made Brooke Keast want to leave the comfort of her home life, to enforce the Law and put her life on the line everyday of the week? I had the pleasure of reminiscing with Brooke Keast(Santina) about her desire to go from Dishrags to Dirt bags at a small restaurant where wings are their specialty and at times the aroma was distracting. I have known Brooke for several years and with ever encounter, we always seemed to be laughing about something. Since I met Brooke when she held the Position of Public Information Officer for the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, during all the time we had spent together, we rarely discussed her life, there were times when Brooke would offer hints about her personal life during our conversation at the time, but I have never been one to pry so I was always satisfied with what she was willing to reveal.

Today I was intrigued to learn more about the Brooke Keast I never knew. As Brooke was eating her wings and I can tell you they were tasty, she began to explain why she needed to go from housewife to Deputy Sheriff and Author. It began right after all her children were in school and found herself lost in who Brooke really was, after caring for others the past 11 years. Not having a degree or possessing any real skills, finding a job was going to be grueling but being up for the challenge she was ready and relatively in good shape to conquer whatever she encountered. A local college was offering an aptitude test for anyone interested in finding out what they were good at. Brooke jump at the chance and found out her first choice should be a Lawyer. She knew that wouldn’t happen, remember, no degree, but her second choice was to be a Cop. Ok, in her mind, that was do able, so with knowing she had the knack for Enforcement, Brooke took the opportunity and applied for a local agency where she passed all the requirements and was ready to pursue a career as a Deputy.

Brooke was hired immediately and felt even though she was 38 years old; she knew this would be the one thing she had been looking fobrooke book coverr. Little did she know, her life would change forever? She was hired to work in the Jail but accomplishing the academy was still before her and there was no room to fail. The Academy was somewhat humorous to Brooke, you need to read her book to find out why, just remember, “The Hair Pull Take Down”. Never being exposed to the life inside Law Enforcement, Brooke found herself shocked at times and showing emotional response.

Right after graduating the Academy, Brooke was assigned to the Detention Facility and managed to weather the storm of learning what comes with that type of atmosphere. After a few short years into her new career, Brooke felt it was time to go back to school and earn a degree. She enrolled and trying to balance her job, family and everyday life, Brooke found time two days a week to attend to her studies. It was also very important for her to find time and attend all of her children’s school functions, which she rarely missed.

After two years, she walked down the aisle and received her degree in Speech Communications. It was after she graduated, when there appeared to be an opening at the Sheriff’s Office for PIO (Public Information Officer), which she applied and was awarded the position where she stayed for four years. Wow, in just a few years, this amazing woman has gone from housewife, Deputy Sheriff, getting a Degree and now PIO. What will this woman do next?

Her years working Detention gave her the idea for writing a book about all the things that helped mold and changed her life forever. This was the perfect receipt for empowering other women to step out and follow their dreams. After 3 years of writing and dedicating one day a week, soon arrived “Dishrags to Dirt Bags”. Brooke can now add author to her achievements. Wow, how impressive is that! This book is a must read.

Her road to empowerment doesn’t stop there. Brooke has thrown her hat into the ring and is running for Justice of The Peace in Sparks, Nevada. She is sure to succeed; after all, she is driven, level-headed, balanced and Just.

Brooke has empowered herself, one wheel at a time and has now landed on all four and going full throttle. Her story can inspire anyone willing to take the challenge in life.

Be sure to read Lisa Smith’s book review on Brooke Keast Dishrags to Dirt bags. She scored it 5 wheels. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Brooke’s book. You will not be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Also check out her website.

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