Connie Hutcheson and her 1960 T-Bird

Connie 2Being such a gear head I love walking around during Hot August Nights and looking at all the great cars and hopefully start a conversation with their owners. As I was talking to a friend I noticed a Creme White 1960 T-Bird all original drive in and park some 30 feet from where I was standing. The beauty of this car caught my eye not to mention,  I noticed that it was a female driver behind the wheel.

I immediately walked over and asked if the T-Bird was hers? The lady politely replied yes. We began talking about her car and my journey of searching for Women with Wheels. At first she seemed hesitant, which I completely understand, after all I am a perfect stranger to her,  but she soon realized that I was not some crazy chick looking for a handout.

Her name is Connie Hutcheson.

Connie 3Connie was excited to tell me the story of her 1960 T-Bird. It started in 1990 when her husband’s boss was helping his neighbors niece sell the T-Bird and offered it to Connie’s husband as a bonus since the niece never seemed to want to drive it. He brought it home for his wife, you see her husband is into Harley’s and not classic cars. As I was doing the interview, I did hear a hint of possibly selling the Harley to purchase a classic car. They soon might be a 2 classic car family.

After receiving the car, Connie had the car repainted and the interior re done since it was left outside for mother nature to work her havoc on it. The exterior color of Creme White appears to be wet it is so smooth and nicely color sanded.

Connie loves to attend and participate in Hot August Nights showing off her T-Bird to those who love this make and vintage. Connie 4

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