1934 Dodge Sedan

1934 Dodge Sedan

Gail Richards has been the proud owner of her 1934 Dodge Sedan for Forty years and that is impressive. She purchased this automobile in 1970 from Reno Auto Sales for, get this, $75.00. What will that buy today? The car was in poor condition but Gail had the vision of what this car could be and how this car could go from Drab to Fab, which is what she did. Although it took her 14 years to get there, never the less, she conquered her vision and now shows off this beautiful machine.

I asked Gail how much of the work she actually performed herself and who inspired her. With a large grin on her face she explained that her father gave her the love for cars, even if he was into Harleys and motorcycles, he still passed on his passion. Gail recalls with a warm sense of affection that when she would watch her father tinkering on his project cars or bikes, she would say and I quote “make her fly daddy make her fly”. The mechanical has been done by Gail with some help from friends. Finding parts for this baby was not always easy especially when it was being restored prior to the Home PC age. Don’t laugh, it wasn’t all that long ago.

Now Gail is passing on her love to those who are in awe with her 1934 Dodge Sedan  and any woman who dares to ask her about the car. It may take a little bit to get the story out of Gail, but if you ask, she will offer it gladly. Gail still has another project in the works, a 1935 Plymouth that her ex husband purchased for her, but has yet to find the time to bring it back to life.Car show pictures_059

Gail proudly parks this 1934 Dodge Sedan in front of the now Bourbon Street Casino in Sparks, Nevada during Hot August Nights. So if you get a chance to attend this great event, check out this beauty and say hi to Gail.

Teresasgarage met up with Gail during the Honor Veterans Car Show in Reno, Nevada on Memorial Weekend and awarded her the best engine detail award. Gail was a bit shy to have her photo taken but knowing that we want to inspire other women to show off their love for their cars, she jumped at the chance. Thanks Gail for allowing us the time to reminisce.

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