Lisa Smith reviews Dishrags to Dirt Bags

Lisa Smith Reviews Dishrags to Dirt Bags:

I once saw a bumper sticker that read:  “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”  Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said this and it has been misattributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.  Either way, it’s good.

I have decided to take a small detour from reading all things mechanical and how to better improve ourselves in a man’s world and write a short synopsis on a woman who has actually forged her own path down that long and grueling road.

Last year Brooke Santina wrote a book aptly entitled Dishrags To Dirtbags.   What caught my attention and made me want to read this story Brooke Santina Keast for Justice of the Peacewasn’t so much that she works for the Sheriff’s Department or that she may be writing a fictional account of her travails into the underbelly and dregs of society, but that she is a native from my hometown.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  Beth Dolinsky, the heroine, is a charming and naive churchgoing housewife who is content to live in the shadow of her soldier husband while raising energetic twin sons.  We’re taken on a journey of how life and love doesn’t always end in a happily ever after when her husband returns from war with post-traumatic stress disorder.  His mental abuse, gambling and drinking become too much for Beth to handle and she decides to break loose from the bonds of all things constant and comfortable, stand up to family and friends and become her own woman by applying to the Law Enforcement Academy.

I tend to judge a book by its cover, not literally, but metaphorically.  I don’t want someone’s opinion of why I should read a book and to foreshadow coming events of what makes it a great read.  If I’m not hooked at least by the end of the first chapter, I scrap the book.  Beth kind of reminded me of Hooks from 1984’s movie Police Academy.  “Don’t move, this is a stick-up…”  Timid at first, barely having a voice and then:  “Don’t move, Dirtbag!”  I was hooked from the first paragraph. I wanted to read more and read it again just to relive the truth of her life.  I am looking forward to reading Book 2 when it is published.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Brooke Santina, author extraordinaire, at ASPCA’s Walk for the Animals; she is running for Justice of the Peace.  She’s fun and down to Earth and was patient on my quest for the perfect selfie.


I give this:   Enthusiastically.  Mag WheelsMag WheelsMag WheelsMag WheelsMag Wheels A Five Wheel rating.


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