Owners Manual, A Must Read

Have you ever taken the time to read your car’s Owners Manual?

If you haven’t, you should, because in your glove box lie’s a book full of knowledge that is not only simple to understand, but it can also help save you money down the road.owners manual inside

A friend called to ask me where her spare tire was in her style vehicle, something quite simple, right. Wrong. Did you know that some vehicles actually come with run flat tires? It is important to know this because if you ever replace the tires and do not purchase the same type, such as the run flat type then when if you ever have a flat, you will be searching for a spare tire that doesn’t exist. These tires contain an extra lining within the tire that self-seals in the event of a small hole due to a nail or screw. In this way, the loss of air is prevented from the outset such that the tire is either permanently self-repairing or at least loses air very slowly. So checking to see if you have a spare tire can save you a lot of anguish.1994_Lincoln_Town_Car_Owners_Guide_Kit

Your Owners Manual can also guide you on your regular maintenance, help you locate the cars fuse panel and how to operate the accessories that came stock in the vehicle. This is one book that I guarantee will save you money. If  you do not have your owners manual, check out this website where you can download or order a printed copy for your vehicle. www.manualsink.com

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