Women With Wheelz At Hot August Nights 2022

In its fourth season, Women With Wheelz Car Show proves to be a big success among the female owned classics during Hot August Nights. Held on August 3rd and 4th, in the East parking lot of the Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada, the ladies converged in force. Totaling 68 entries, cars from under construction to pure beauties.

Ages ranged from 13 to 83 years. Host and creator of Women With Wheelz, Teresa Aquila, has been working hard to showcase women and their love for their automobiles. After convincing Hot August Nights four years ago, that women do have a place to show off their classics.

Prizes are not your average everyday trophy. The ladies do it in style by choosing from the Best Rear End, to the Best Classy Chassis. Twelve in totaled were given to cars that met the criteria for the presented award.

Many of the ladies love to dress up to match there vehicles, while others dress up their cars to match their personalities. It is not about male bashing, or the most expensive build. It is about the passion, connections, and meeting like mind ladies who share the love for their cars.

Attached you will find the winners, and others who attended the 2022 Women With Wheelz Hot August Nights Classic Car Show. Enjoy.

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