Technology has hit the world of license plates

Teresa Aquila’s January article in the Happy Herald Newspaper

For years many states have allowed inmates to produce license plates while learning a trade. That may soon come to an end as we know it. Digital license plates were introduced and rolled out in California in 2018. Since then, the illuminated plates have gained miles and popularity.

A plating company called Reviver has been working on the idea of digital license plates since 2009, but like any new idea, it takes time to get customers and states to approve the change. Currently, there are only two states that have authorized the digital plates, with Michigan to join the craze by the second quarter of 2021.

The plate number and messages belong to the state, you own the plate. There is an added cost. The cost for the digital plate, a one-time fee, or a monthly charge, plus the cost of registration. They will soon be integrated into automobiles. Happy Motoring.

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