Camero Chicks Christie Christofferson

Camero Chicks  Christie Christofferson

More and more women are starting to surface at your local car shows as participants, and that is where I found Camero Chic Christie Christofferson, during the Summer Salute Car Event.

I walked past a 2014 Black Camero and was immediately drawn to investigate the owner for two reasons. One, on the windshield read  Camero Chicks, in pink,     and the other was all  those  touches  of pink under the hood. IMG_1788

I struck up a conversation with the car’s owner, Christie Christofferson, who has owned this Camero for only 3 months, but her passion for cars started earlier than that. At the age of 9 years, Christie would tag along with her father and uncle, who were car enthusiasts, and always attended Hot August Nights.  As long as Christie can remember, she never missed one.

At the age of 15 ½, while in high school, Christie purchased her first car from her parents. Back then, you were able to obtain your Learner’s Permit at that age. Christie worked as a Veterinary Technician while in High School, which allowed her to save up for her first set of wheels.

Excited and determined to have her first car, it wasn’t long before her brother trashed it, according to Christie. This put her on the lookout again in search of another vehicle, which lead her to a 1992 Chevy Camero. Then one day, a friend who worked for a dealership, contacted Christie to let her know of a 2014 Chevrolet Camero that had just been turned in. The car was not for sale yet. The car was specially painted as a Cancer Awareness Vehicle. Christie knew she would have to own this car since it was painted black with pink strips and had a very nice accent of pink under the hood, to bring awareness that Cancer is a large cause of death among women.IMG_1793

It wasn’t long before Christie became the proud owner of this 2014 Camero. I asked Christie what improvements she would like to see on the Camero? She replied, “I want to add some pink touches to the door panels that will flow into the dash and a few more pink accents on the exterior. She went on to explain, “This car is not just a show car, but an everyday driver.”

I asked Christie what she likes best about car shows, she stated that she would like to meet or empower other women to take the leap and start attending car events.

Christie Christofferson works as a nurse for a private practice physician and trains horses in her spare time. You can check out her website She put herself through college, which wasn’t an easy task, and encourages other women to do the same. Never give up on your dream.

Christie is carrying on the family tradition by attending as many car shows as possible, not just in hopes of winning her car class, but to meet others who share the same passion.

At the end of this event Christie’s 2014 Black and Pink Chevrolet Camero was chosen as first in her cIMG_1786ar class, and, as you can see, Christie was proud to bring home a trophy. I bet it was the Pink that was the deciding factor.IMG_1803 IMG_1809

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