Do People Faint When They See Your Paint?

Do People Faint When They See Your Paint?

Caring for your vehicle’s paint is as important as keeping your skin looking young and moisturized. It is one of the single most important lessons to learn about ownership, regardless of the vehicle’s age. Your car’s paint job takes a beating in all types of weather conditions, and without proper care, bringing it back to life is expensive.

Learning the proper care and maintenance of the exterior finish by knowing the correct products to use and when to use them, will add years of life and luster to your car’s paint.

If you think this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, think again. Washing then applying a good coat of wax or polish, will take a good part of your day. So plan accordingly. Putting this off, only allows the paint to lose its luster.

Here are some guidelines to live by.

1. Begin the process by giving your car a good washing with the proper tools. Start with a paint-safe microfiber washing mit, a clean 5 gallon bucket and specifically designed cleaning products for automotive finishes. I use “Adam’s Polishes,” but other products on the market are “Meguiar’s” and “Mothers®.” These companies offer products that are non-detergent formulas that won’t remove wax, and they are combined with lubrication to prevent scratching and help maintain the shine. After all, you don’t want people to faint when they see your paint.Adams 3 waxes

2. How often have you observed car owners who frequent car washes only to drive away with the water still dripping off of the car’s finish? A rule of thumb is never skip drying. Drying your car after washing helps to prevent water spotting. Did you know that those ugly mineral deposits that have an outline of a drop of water will etch into the car’s paint?

3. It is recommended that you use a 100% cotton detailing cloth or sheepskin chamois on your car. Other types of fabric could scratch your car’s paint surface. If you are into more high-tech material, then go for those super absorbent, lint free drying towels. I recommend using “Adam’s Polishes Great White Microfiber Drying Towels.”

4. Your paint is still looking dull! If this is the stage your vehicle’s paint is in, then you have one problem with three solutions. When your paint becomes dull, it is due to oxidization. The cure is either giving the paint a good polishing, using a cleaner, or applying rubbing compound. All three are effective depending on the stage your car’s paint is in. Since polishing is non aggressive, it will remove the least amount of paint per application. On the other hand, rubbing compounds remove the most, and cleaners land somewhere in the middle. I would recommend applying a good polish and if this does not do the trick, then move on to a more aggressive approach; a cleaner or rubbing compound. “Adam’s Polishes,” offer a variety of products from detail spray, to easy to use waxes, that will bring your paint from drab to fab.

5. The final step. Giving your car a good waxing is the most important phase in protecting your car’s paint. Waxing is a MUST if you used a polish or cleaner, and if your car lives outside in the elements. Waxing should be done a few times a year to help keep the luster. In between waxing, apply “Quick Detail,” or “Wax as U Dry.” Both are excellent products to keep your car’s paint alive.

Here are a few tips,

· Always wash your car in the cool of the day or in a shaded area.

· Wet your car prior to washing to help remove dirt and other contaminants that can scratch your car if you begin washing with a sponge,

· Work in sections so the car wash soap doesn’t dry before you have time to rinse it off.

· Dry your car as soon as possible and use a water spray wax.

· Be sure to wipe the door jams so that dirt and dust doesn’t have a chance to work its way into the interior.

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