Meet Darlene a 1960 Rambler Deluxe

IMG_1603[1]On April 19, 1999, Janet Bierman purchased a 1960 Rambler Deluxe to use as a parts car who she calls Darlene. Janet had never driven a car that had the Three on the tree, meaning the manual transmission stick was on the steering column, but after she learned how, Janet fell in love with her and the restoration began.

I asked Janet why she named this car Darlene and come to find out, it was in memory of a very dear friend who was like her second mother, who had a Rambler just like this 1960 Deluxe and so Darlene was born.

Janet was sadden to learn that Darlene, her second mom never lived long enough to see her in person, so she lives on in Darlene, at least for Janet. The car was in need of some repairs so Janet’s Husband Carry began the process of bringing her back to life. Janet found helping her husband with Darlene so fascinating, that she decided to learn how. In 1990 Carry introduced Janet to Hot August Nights and after feasting her eyes on all the people and their cars, she was hooked. IMG_1604[1]It was during that time when he taught Janet how to identify the different makes and models, which in time she became quite good at it.

This great four door 1960 Rambler Deluxe is a soft green with a white top, all original interior and the engine is a small straight six. The original white walls adds to Darlene’s charm. She really is a cutie. But let us not leave out her other Ramblers, Warren, who is named after Ward Clever from Leave it to Beaver, Roxy, The Pink Lady, Miss Windy, since she has more horsepower and Sharon. Who was purchaseIMG_1606[1]d as a parts car, and who is sharing her parts.

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