Reprogramming Another Key for Your Car

Reprogramming another Key for Your Car

Anti theft protection for your automobile plays an important role in helping keep your vehicle from being stolen or even broken into. Thieves have found a way around this by breaking the door glass then reaching in without even setting off your car’s alarm.

The best medicine is to keep all valuables out of sight to include your garage door opener; they seem to be a target for criminals these days in order to come back to your home at a later date when you are way.

So what should you do if you need a second key for your vehicle if yours has the factory installed alarm system? Some vehicles such as Dodge or Chrysler require two pre programmed keys in order for you do it yourselfers. The cost is around $35.00 per key. Be aware that Chrysler is now charging locksmiths a fee to retrieve your vehicles computer

For other vehicles you would need to take it either to the dealer or a local locksmith to have this function performed. Most models if you are unaware only allow up to 8 keys to be reprogrammed. The main computer has a maximum limit on how many keys will be allowed. So be sure to keep those spare keys safe.

You have two options for spare keys, you can have them make what they call a carbon copy of the original key or they can program the key to be a stand alone. What that means is the vehicles anti theft system will know that there are two different keys programmed and not just one if you have the carbon copy done. The cost is approximately $25.00 more. Your local dealers could charge much more.

Programming your key fob is really not that difficult, you just need to obtain the sequence of events, which can be found at many sites on the internet. If you have a Ford, insert your key into the ignition, cycle it 7 times on/off, listen for the door locks to cycle then depress your new key fob and your done. Now other manufactures are somewhat complex, so research your make and model.

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