Women With Wheels Car Show Entry

Women With Wheels Car Show Entry 

Third Annual

Women With Wheels Car Show

   June 24, 2017

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Opened to the First 50 Female owned vehicles or co-owners.

Women with Wheels Car Show is an exclusive car show for women. If you own a contemporary, classic, vintage or a car you drive everyday, the show is open to all classes of vehicles. Come and mingle with other women whom have the same passion and to show off your favorite ride or just to hang out with other female car owners. The vehicle can be co-owned, but must state the entrants name on the registration.

The entry fee offers, a goody bag, awards, door prize, refreshments and more. There will also be raffle prizes to give away. Live music by Rick Radecki, a food truck will be available, Teresa’s Garage Radio Show will be providing live remotes, the High Heel toss, giveaways and more. (more information on entry form).

The Entry Form and the T-Shirt order form can be accessed by clicking the link below. Please be sure to mail both forms in with your check to include the cost of any T-shirt purchase. An image of the T-Shirt graphic is listed at the bottom of the page along with images of show mugs and posters that will be available for purchase at the show. T-Shirts need to be pre-ordered to insure we have the correct size for those wishing to purchase one. Any questions,  you can contact the phone number listed below or on the entry form. 

All entries must be received no later than June 3, 2017. 

Teresa’s Garage Car Show entry and order form 2017  <<<<(click to download)  mail in as stated on the entry form.

Payment via Paypal upon request.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this fun event. Any questions please call 775-772-8729 or 333-9300

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An Amazing Gift From A Stranger

An Amazing Gift From A Stranger:

Have you ever wondered how people are given gifts from total strangers? It makes you wonder what drives individuals who have never met someone to offer these total strangers many of their prize possessions.

You hear about these types of stories and wonder if they had family members and why would they not pass the gifts along to them. Well, recently I became one of those recipients of very gracious gifts from a stranger.

It started on a Saturday in early November of 2016, I was outside painting a hood for my husband’s truck. I heard the phone ring, but was unable to break free since I was right in the middle of finishing up my project.

A minute later, my husband appeared and advised me to put down what I was doing and answer the phone. Of course you always ask, “Who’s calling?” Which is what I did. He explained that there was a gentleman on the phone asking to chat with me about giving me his car and everything in his garage.

Ok, I have to admit, I thought this might be a scam, so I was hesitant to answer the call, but knew I had to, so I picked up the phone. The caller asked if I was Teresa and I acknowledged, “Yes, this is Teresa.”

The caller began by giving his name; we will call him Don, to keep his identity private. Don explained that he is 89 years old and used to be a mechanic. He felt he had arrived at a point in his life where he could no longer drive since he is legally blind, or turn wrenches, and wanted me to have all of his tools and a car, a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Wagon. But if I took the tools, I must take the car and everything else in his garage. He also stated that it took him a bit to track down my number and was surprised to learn I still had a landline.

I wish I could have seen my face, because I am sure I had a look of surprise and confusion. After all, who calls out of the blue and offers so many personal things to a total stranger?

My next question to him was, “Do I know you, Don?”

He replied, “No, but I know you. I have read about you for years and seen you on TV many times along with a few articles in the Reno News & Review.”

Now this was really making me think, wow, really, why me?

I asked him if he had any family. Don responded, “No, they are all dead, I have out-lived them all, except a grandson, who does not deserve anything since all he wants are new things.” Don had a great sense of humor, because he went on to tell me that, although he was healthy at the moment, that I should not wait too long to come and retrieve these gifts, because time was working against him.

DW and Teresa

Since Don lived over 40 miles from us, and my husband and I would be heading that way later that day, I informed him that we would come down in a couple of hours. (If you are wondering if my curiosity level was on the high side, the answer is yes!)

We hooked up the enclosed car trailer and started our trip to check out this kind gentleman’s gift. It took us about an hour to arrive and as we approached the residence, we admired a very nicely tailored yard housing a single wide mobile home with a free standing, two-car garage.

We parked the trailer on the street just in case we had the wrong address. The neighborhood appeared to belong to older folks, just by the layout of the area. I knocked on the door and a tall, older gentleman swung open the door and said, “You must be Teresa.”

Don said he recognized me from the interviews he has seen me on. He grabbed his cane and shuffled us out to his garage saying, “Let me show you my junk.” After seeing his yard, I knew it wasn’t junk, more like lifelong prized possessions.

The door to the garage opened and there sat a very clean 1971 Plymouth Station Wagon, brown in color with Police Interceptor wheels. The garage was in a bit of disarray, but definitely was filled with tools and benches. There was stuff everywhere and most of it was tools. As my husband and I rummaged through things, Don explained that if we took one thing, we had to take it all. We, of course, agreed, after all, this kind man sought me out with his gifts.

It makes you wonder what it was that he was intrigued with about me that stuck with him over the years to where he reached out, working hard to find my contact information and offer me what I felt was a part of his life. It is hard to put your head around it all. I still think about it almost every day.

We positioned the car trailer so that in case we had trouble loading the car, we could use the winch. But the vehicle started right up. It had a little vacuum leak, but nothing to keep us from driving it into the trailer. Prior to putting the car in the trailer, we stuffed it full of car parts and tools, since there were so many.

Looking at all that needed to be loaded up, it was a sure bet we would need to return for at least two more trips in order to get it all out.

The first load was a heavy one and we returned a week later for round two. This time we also learned that there was a freshly rebuilt engine, a slant 6 for the Plymouth, along with a transmission that had to go. It was on an engine stand, but I have to say, it was rather tricky getting that into the trailer. (And not without a little battle wound.)

Don wanted everything gone, including things on the walls and the benches. We were loading and cleaning at the same time, since we wanted to leave the garage better than we found it, Don was sitting in a chair watching us and talking about his life, when all of a sudden he stopped, it looked as if he was getting emotional, and said, “You know Teresa, watching you load all of my stuff into your trailer, is like watching my own funeral.” Oh my goodness, that about moved me to tears. He was watching his entire life flash before him as it entered our trailer.

How sad is that? It reminded me of when my father was dying and he wasn’t ready to leave yet, but his body was. It too was sad and I knew I needed to keep many of the things he loved and saved all of his life.

The reality is, we all will reach a point in life when we can no longer care for our possessions and must relinquish them; or we are placed in a living environment where they cannot fit. That’s a very hard place to be.

I told Don that I will make sure that if I give some of these things away, they would be going to a good home. He knew that I was a Chevy Queen, so he assured me that if I sold the car, or gave away the tools to a good home, it would not hurt his feelings. He just knew that I would treat them like I had owned them all my life. I let Don know that I would be true to his generous gift.

There was in fact a third trip to Don’s house, to finish cleaning up the garage, and loading up all the remaining stuff that really was garbage into our dump trailer and taking it to the dump for him. We also swept out the garage leaving it clean. The garage door opening was having an issue so I was able to figure out the problem and repair it for Don.

By now, we were no longer strangers, but friends. Before heading off, I gave Don a hug and told him that I would continue to check on him just to say hi. We closed the garage door for our last time and Don was adamant that I give him my address and phone number again and the spelling of my name. That sparked my curiosity. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and asked him why, did he want to come and pay us a visit? He stated no, it was that he liked to write letters and wanted to keep in touch. It was then we drove off waving goodbye to Don.

I have tried to keep in touch with Don. I called him over the holidays, and dropped a line to say hi, but no answer. It has been a couple months now, and no letter from Don.

May God bless you Don, your generosity will never be forgotten.

To read about what transpired with the tools, click this link. Hana Farley

Hana Farley, A Woman Of Substance

Hana Farley, A Woman With Substance

Today more and more women are moving into the mainstream of automotive work. I continue to find it interesting what actually inspires these women early on in life. In this woman’s story, the initial desire to pursue a field of auto repair came from her father, like many of the women who I have interviewed in previous stories.

Hana Appeared On Teresa’s Garage Radio Show

Hana Farley, who is 29 years old, is very energetic and anxious to learn whatever she can grab onto when it comes to automotive repair. I recently met Hana through a neighbor who was in need of some auto repair for her vehicle.

I agreed to perform the repairs and was excited to hear that her granddaughter was eager to lend a helping hand. Since I am always in search of women who wish to embrace the automotive repair world, I jumped at the chance to check out her skill set.

After she brought the vehicle into the shop, I was amazed at how knowledgeable Hana already was in various repairs, but was still willing to learn from anyone, especially another woman who would give her the time of day.

Hana had a good starter collection of tools which she proudly transported in a suitcase that her mother gave her a while back. As we began our repairs, I was surprised to see just how many tools were in that suitcase; I was beginning to wonder if in fact that suitcase belonged to Mary Poppins, who seemed to have no end to what she could hold in her bag.

I found Hana to be somewhat of a free spirit in her views on life and I found it to be rather refreshing. If you did not know Hana, you would have thought she consumed a pot of coffee prior to beginning, because she was like the Energizer Bunny with endless energy.

As we mastered the repair on her grandmother’s vehicle, another one came in that needed new tires. Without hesitation, Hana jumped in, explaining that she spent four years at a tire shop working as a tire monkey, as she put it.

Recently, I was given an enormous number of tools belonging to an 89 year old gentleman who had never met me. It turns out he learned of me through various articles and TV interviews and searched the media to locate my contact information so that he could offer me all of his tools, including a car he had purchased in 1971. There were so many tools that I was trying to figure out where best to put them to good use. I wanted to offer them to a young woman who was pursuing a career in the mechanical field, but lacked the funds to purchase her own tools.

After spending the day with Hana and hearing her story I felt that God must have brought her to me so that I could pass on this gracious gift that was given to me, and offer it to her. By the end of the day, I knew that this was exactly where many of these tools belonged – with Hana.

Hana has been working with her ex-boyfriend as a field mechanic and sharing many of his tools.

As the day was winding down, I went over to where I had the large stack of tools stored in the shop and asked her if she needed an impact gun. Hana’s response was, no, because she did not have an air compressor big enough to run it. Well, I told her, you will once you take the air compressor that was sitting next to it.

The look on Hana’s face was one of great emotions. I believe she came as close to tears as someone could. After that, I began to go through all the tools asking her what she needed. What I found by doing that was amazing; you would have thought that someone who is being offered these types of gifts might just want to take everything, but in fact she was quite the opposite. If there was something she already owned, she stated,

“Thank you, but I already have that one.” This to me, right then and there, showed me exactly the type of person Hana was… honest, sincere and very humble. This solidified my decision to donate the tools to Hana in hopes they will help her succeed at whatever she pursues for her future. As they say, all things happen for a reason, and in this case, that saying stands true.

Happy Wrenching, Hana Farley.

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Zinc’s Removal Of Engine Oils And Its Effects On Older Engines

Zinc’s Removal Of Engine Oils And Its Effects On Older Engines

So you ask, what is Zinc and why should I add it to my engine at oil changes? There has been a lot of confusion in the last few years about the lowering of zinc and phosphorus levels in modern oils and how these lower levels relate to classic and performance engines using

Zinc Additive

standard flat tappet lifters – that is, just about every car built before the Eighties. The concern involves the use of the new lower zinc/phosphoruscontent ILSAC (multi-viscosity) oils, readily available on shelves at auto parts stores everywhere, and how compatible they are with these older engines. Read More

Engine Death From Lack Of Oil Changes

Engine Death From Lack Of Oil Changes

Your engine works hard to get you from point A to point B and without maintenance it will only cost you money in the long run. As you review the photos from an actual customer from a Dealership where my co-host Staci Segura once worked, you’ll see the worst that can happen.  The customer’s car broke down and he had the vehicle towed in. The vehicle only had 40,000 miles on the engine and was still under warranty. You probably think that this must be covered, but in reality, NO. Why not?

Oil Change after 40k miles

To help keep your engine running smoothly and last for years, the manufacturer recommends changing your engine and transmission oil when the car reaches a specified mileage. If you are in need of warranty service, the dealership is going to ask to see the oil change receipts which need to indicate the mileage.

So what happens when you keep putting off changing, or having your engine oil changed?

Your engine oil actually has three jobs.  By lubricating and reducing friction, the engine oil keeps all of the metal moving parts from coming in contact with each other. The engine oil filter is usually also changed at the same time. Automobile engines have many moving parts. As these parts move and rub against each other, the force of friction creates heat. Oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat, allowing the internal parts to work together effectively without overheating.

Sludge caused engine to fail

Beyond its lubricating task, oil is also responsible for helping to cool an engine. As oil moves around the engine (via a pump, much like your heart pumps blood around your body), heat from all those moving parts is carried away to cooler parts of the engine where the oil itself cools before being pumped back through the engine again.

The third function of oil is to keep the inside of the engine clean. Small bits of metal from worn parts of the engine, dust from the air, contaminants from the fuel and bits of rust and scale from inside the fuel tank are all caught and suspended in the oil and then carried to the oil filter where those nasties are trapped and prevented from another journey through the engine’s delicate internal areas.

Clearly, this oil is important stuff and that’s why it’s critical to keep your engine’s oil clean by changing it at the appropriate intervals. And don’t forget to change the filter: After all, why would you put clean oil through a dirty oil filter? Oil filters remove the particles and keep them from returning back into the engine, which would cause premature wear.

Showing the sludge inside the engine after failure

In this case, referring to the attached photos, this engine came to the end of its life due to the lack of oil changes. Oil does not break down, but the additives do. When you add heat to that, without changing the oil, sluge develops, which will clog the oil passages. The end result is a starved or seized motor.

All of the oil change businesses place a clear sticker on the left corner of your windshield indicating when the next oil change is due. Don’t ignore it.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have about $16,000 dollars lying around to replace a motor. You are probably saying, how could it cost that much?  Well, with the cost of a new motor, a turbo, sensors, labor, and a few extras, it won’t take long to arrive at that total. As the saying goes, ‘A pound of cure, is worth an ounce of prevention.’ Happy Motoring.

How An Engine Is Lubricated

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Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Is Expanding

Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Is Expanding

Exciting News

Teresa’s Garage Radio Show has expanded. The show will now be heard on Pulling Radio Network, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday at 3 PM Eastern Time.

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Pulling Radio Network is mainly focused on Tracker pulling and Radio shows which feature Tracker news and interviews, but it too is expanding its network Radio base. Teresa’s Garage Radio Show is starting off 2017 going forward and looking to expand with more live remotes, more interviews and finding new avenues in order to reach women and men, who are looking for a fun filled hour of automotive talk.

Teresa Aquila, owner of Teresa’s Garage, has added a new Co-host to the show, Staci Segura, race car driver and now co-host, from Missouri, will be pounding the race track and car show pavement looking for potential guests and inspirational stories from everyday women with the passion for their automobile.

If you search deep, you can find people who have amazing stories if you just reach out and listen. Teresa’s Garage Radio Show’s first co-host Jeanette DesJardins, President and founder of, brought racing knowledge to the show in 2016, but needed to take a step back from the microphone because her business is also expanding which has turned her focus to Carchix.

Teresa Aquila and Jeanette DesJardins over the past year have become good friends and are teamed up to cross promote not only their shows, but other women in Motorsports across the world. Jeanette then posted to all of the CarChix Calendar Girls that she was stepping away from the show and that there was an opportunity for a new co-host on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show.

Pulling Radio Network

Staci Segura, a 2016 CarChix Calendar Girl stepped up to the opportunity and has been on the show now for a few weeks proving her on air presence is a great mix with host Teresa Aquila.

The show constantly is searching for women who have a great story offering the love for racing, Motorsports, spectator or just the passion for your car, then let us hear from you. You can contact the show’s host Teresa Aquila at or co-host for consideration.

Join us live every Tuesday 2 PM Pacific on 1180 AM KCKQ a production of America Matters Media, or by going to Pulling Radio Network Monday-Friday 3 PM Pacific time to hear the original show on Encore by going to

Bringing Advice To Women With Wheels. Happy Motoring.

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