Did You Know These Facts About The Ford F100 Series

Did You Know These Facts About The Ford F100 Series

As the most popular vehicle in America, you’d think we’d all know more about Ford F-Series pickups. Here are some secrets about the F-Series that have been uncovered.

The First F-Series

Ford introduced the F-Series for the 1948 model year. Unlike earlier light trucks (going back to the Model T) the F-Series was built on a chassis specifically designed for the application. In that first year, two engines were offered: a 226 CID inline six rated at 95 horsepower and a 239 CID Flathead V8 that produced 100 HP.

The Unibody Fiasco

Ford planners took notice of the fact that by the early 1960s light truck buyers were purchasing pickups for light duty use and even just as personal transportation. For the 1961 model year Ford determined that by combining the cab and bed into a single assembly (referred to as the unibody, the truck required fewer stampings, fewer welds and was less complicated to paint. It also increase load space by 16 percent. What owners found is that when the bed was heavily loaded, it would twist the body structure, doors might pop open, or even jam shut. Ford hurriedly put a separate cab/bed combination into production and the unibody went away after the 1963 model year.

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