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Windy Wiper Gives The Low Down On Buying Tires

Dear Windy,

What a cute car and one classy chassis you are. My question to you is I have been in the market for buying tires and I am just not sure if going to a local shop is key or a major chain store. My budget is slim but do not want to spend money on cheap tires only having to do it again soon. I travel several miles a day commuting and can wear these tires down sooner than later. What do you recommend?? 
Windy Wiper's Steering ColumnDear Annie,
I would like to thank you for the lovely compliment. Your question is an excellent one. I know I would rather break down on the freeway than pay retail for just about anything. Sure I love new beauty rings and fender skirts just like the next girl. In fact, I occasionally shops at Racy’s when I can find a good sale.
I am always very serious about the tires I wear. Buying the right tires is key and I know what happens with cheap ones. Don’t be mesmerized by fancy advertising or gimmicks. Always check around, ask questions, manufacture, warranty, free flat repair, rotation, etc. Many times what is advertised as free is inserted in the price.

There are some major chains that offer great service, but make sure you get the right bang for your hard earned buck. Tread is not dead, Honey. Slicks, on the other hand, are so last season. Keep in mind that dressing isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore – shine those new tires and take your car from drab to fab! Please be sure to check out “Let’s Talk Tires” here on the website.

Happy Motoring,

Windy Wiper


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