Diane Skow and Her 1932 Ford Roadster

Diane Skow and her 1932 Ford Roadster were in attendance for the official kick off show and shine held at the Bonanza Casino where 413 cars were in attendance. What a great day for a show and an even better day to meet other women with wheels. I had the pleasure of speaking with Diane after she was admiring the Willys Knight with her husband. I am always curious so I asked them what type of car they had at the show and where they reside. It seems they came in for the show from Quincy, California with a his and hers car. I began to dig deeper since they sparked my curiosity, so I asked Diane what type of car she owned.Diane Skow1

It was a beautiful red 1932 Ford Roadster with a V8 350 Chevy Ramjet engine. The paint flowed as if it was liquid and not a flaw to be seen not to mention that Diane drove it in, it is not a trailer queen. Diane began to tell me the story of how she fell in love with this particular roadster. First off you need to know that her nic name is Miss Never Say Never. Let me explain. You see, Diane always had told her husband that if she ever did have a classic car, it would never be red, it would never have flames and it would never have the engine exposed all the time. So what does this car have, you guessed it, flames, red and an engine exposed on the sides.

This car definitely stands out in a crowd. Not to say that others did not, but what made this one different, was it is owned, loved and driven by a Woman. Diane’s love for cars started with dad when he felt that there needed to be another driver in the family since he was the only one who was licensed to be behind the wheel. So he taught his daughter and then bought her a 1952 Mercury and now the family had to drivers to handle all of their needs. Diane married her husband 40 years ago and his love for classics started in High School where he cut the top off of his Mercury which he still shows off today, Another Beauty. You can see just a portion of it in this photo to the right.Diane Skow

While her husbands Mercury was in having the upholstery done, there was a Roadster for sale and Diane fell in love with it even if it had all the things she disliked in a car. But now, Diane shows her baby off with pride and admiration.

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