GM Recall-Faulty Ignition Switch

GM-Recal-Faulty Ignition Switch.

There is a massive GM recall underway and so far GM has recalled 1.6 million vehicles because of a faulty ignition switch. You might ask yourself how do things such as this happen? Parts for your vehicles are mostly produced by outside vendors and each year a Car Manufacture goes out to bid on all their car components and many times the lowest bidder would receive the price. After all, that is how we keep companies competitive.

Many years ago General Motors produced many of their own parts to be installed in their models but as time went on and the cheaper price of outside countries producing products at a less expensive cost, the increase in wages, fuel, electricity, well, you get the picture, the cost of a new car has sky rocketed. With all that in mind, the manufactures needed to find a way to reduce production cost in order to keep the car prices somewhat reasonable.

Things have gone to plastic, less metal in every vehicle to reduce weight and emissions, etc. So going to an outside vendor seemed to be the key in helping with this problem. Things we buy these days do not last as long as years ago and believe me, it wasn’t all that many. I still have many items from when I was a kid and they still work as good as they did back then. Today we are finding things we purchase are not for long term, but in reality, it really is short term. But that is how the world has evolved.

Several years ago, I to, used to have more than just my ignition key on my key chain which added some ounces to the chain, but even back then, it would cause your ignition switch to wear out prematurely because of the excess weight on the switch. When these components are tested in the factory, they do not add a paper weight to the key chain to see how it will function. The ignition switch is not made up of heavy type metal, it is a softer type which can wear. My 1927 Willys Knight Ignition Switch was made out of white metal, which is even softer than what we see today and that switch did not last that long during that time either.

In 1927, that was the first year of the ignition switch similar to today’s style because they used it as an anti theft device. Its function was, when you placed the key into the switch, you would turn it and power would then be sent to the distributor allowing spark to the spark plugs and the vehicle could then be started by a floor start switch. Pretty primitive in today standards, but functional then and it did help cars from being stolen so quickly.

So what is the problem with the ignition switch in the GM vehicles? The switch seems to go from the power position to the off position if you hit a bump or if your key chain is heavy and pulling down on the ignition key causing it to move into the off position. When this happens, the car stops running and has proven to be deadly in some cases.  If you have one of these types of GM Recall models, then you need to get into a dealer ASAP. If you do not, it could mean your life.

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