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Take Charge of Your Car With BlueDriver

I am always amazed at new technology that can help you keep up with your automobile’s repairs, and monitor its every move. For example, staying abreast with trouble codes as they happen, clearing trouble codes with one click, diagnosing problems even before heading off to your repair shop, sharing your car’s data with your mechanic from miles away, receiving live data from all your car’s computers, and even knowing if your car is ready for its smog test.

Here is a device that can do all that and more. BlueDriver, by Lemur Technologies, has developed a plug-in OBD-II that can take much of the worry out of car repairs. When a sensor goes out of range and trips that pesky check engine light, you will be notified via your cell phone. It will tell you which sensor has tripped the check engine light, and even suggest possible fixes. When you head to the repair shop, you will have knowledge of where the problem is and no longer need to rely on the Service Adviser to tell you the bad news.

Lemur’s BlueDriver, at lemurmonitors.com, is a very sophisticated scan tool that can take the guess work out of costly repairs and keep you informed as you drive. It links to your smart phone or tablet by downloading a free app that connects to your car’s computer. Click on the link to learn how to purchase a BlueDriver, and you are on your way to Happy Motoring.

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