Women on Wheels, Juliet McGuire

Women On Wheels, Juliet McGuire

Juliet McGuire was born in Cape Town, South Africa which is, as she puts it, “The most beautiful place on Earth.” Growing up she never had visions of one day educating women about their automobiles. Her focus as she grew older was film and television. Her studies took her into English and Psychology, before completing her honors degree in Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.cape-town

In high school, her boyfriend was really car crazy and because of his excitement involving automobiles, it sparked an interest in Juliet. While completing her honors year, her thesis was on female motoring journalists in South Africa. This then lead her to Car Magazine, (which is South Africa’s leading motoring magazine), where she completed her monthlong internship.

One would think that once you had your degree, you’d be ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. Not so for Juliet McGuire. She refused to leave the position at Car Magazine and only after seven years did she decide to move on.

This is when Women On Wheels was started, 12 years ago, only as a supplemental magazine that was small enough to fit in a cubby hole. It was designed for women, providing useful information like how to change a tire, and tips on buying a car. The company approached Juliet and asked her to start a website and make it the number one destination for women for all things automotive related.

This lead to her own television show called Tech Report on their cable network, which was everything technology and gadgets. But Juliet did not stop there. This show sparked yet another show for Juliet, called Ignition TV, for car reviews.WOW mag

Juliet McGuire entered into a world mostly dominated by males, where because of her beauty and being a young Blondie, she felt that she was never really taken seriously. Her road has been long and challenging, but one that she could not be prouder of. Juliet loves what she does and says it’s a great feeling that people, both male and female, turn to her for car buying advice now.

I’d say this, Blondie has broken the mold and is an inspiration for other women to follow, whatever their passion might be.

Tune in June 9th to hear Juliet McGuire as my guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show. In case you missed the interview, go to http://americamatters.us/show-archives/ scroll down to Teresa’s Garage, click it on, then find show June 9, 2015, right click it and Save. It will download for your listening pleasure. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss. Happy Motoring.

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