Being Different, Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Being Different: Isn’t Always A Bad Thing  (click link to the right, it will take you to the article)        Happy Herald

Being different isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you are a young girl who has an interest in cars. How do you communicate this to others when they have their visions on toys and later in life, boys! All you want is to learn more about cars, but yet no one is willing to teach you, because you are a girl and most girls have no interest in getting their hands greasy.

Not true for Angie Coots, 35, from Harlan, KY. At a very young age she would dream about cars and wanting to know more about what makes them tick. She could never find anyone in her circle of friends who had the same interests until she was in her 20’s when she met her husband. It wasn’t until then she be actually begin learning, watching her husband and friends working on their cars.

Angie Coots

Need 2 Speed Go-Karting


Need 2 Speed Go-Karting (click the title to the right to read article) Teresa spent time at Need 2 Speed Go-Karting enjoying the riding these go-karts with her husband and friends. If you are looking for something new to do, this is it.

Happy Herald

Dan McGee, founder of, is heard weekly on the automotive talk show Teresa’s Garage Radio Show at 1180 AM KCKQ is heard locally and around the world. Dan offers racing updates locally, nationally and internationally as it happens and gives you updates of what is yet to come. So tune in and hear Dan McGee. The show is also heard on podcast at

Staci Segura Debut’s As A New Co-Host On Teresa’s Garage Radio Show

Staci Segura, a Carchix calendar girl for  2016 was introduced to Teresa Aquila, host of Teresa’s Garage Radio Show as a guest on the show talking about her love for racing and Mopar’s. Staci was honored to have been accepted as one of the 2016 Calendar Girls by CarChix Founder Jeanette DesJardins, because Staci worked hard as did the other 11 Calendar Girls to obtain the most votes in hopes of becoming a Calendar Girl.

President and Founder of, Jeanette DesJardins, has been sharing the mic with Host Teresa Aquila of Teresa’s Garage Radio Show, but had to step away from the mic because of more obligations and felt it was time to hand the torch over to two CarChix Calendar Girls, one of which is Staci Segura, Race Car Driver.

Staci brings energy, racing knowledge, passion for educating, and bringing awareness to other women something she shares with host Teresa Aquila. In 2017 Teresa’s Garage Radio Show will find new heights with the new lineup of co-hosts.

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