Making Your Car Winter Safe

Making your Car Winter Safe

Making your Car Winter Safe is something you should consider. Cars are like humans, they need constant care and maintenance in order to keep them running like a charm. Winter, like summer, can be extremely hard on a vehicle. The severe temperature changes, harsh conditions and snow play havic on a car. When the temperature drops below freezing this can cause all kinds of problems if you or your car are not prepared. Just like humans, cars to, can be bitten by the frost.winter car

What does that mean? Water freezes in cold temperatures, so what does your car’s engine use to cool itself down with? Water! The engine coolant needs to have at least a 50/50 mix between distilled water and anti freeze, otherwise the coolant is not capable of withstanding the cold. Check the mixture or have it done by your mechanic.

What other car components should you check prior to winter? Have a flashlight with spare batteries. Check your windshield washer fluid, make sure it is protected in cold temperatures. Check your tire chains if you live in cold climates, try them on to insure they still fit or they are in good working condition. Windshield wipers, can they still clear the windshield or does it do more harm than good because you have neglected them? A good tip for wipers in cold temperatures is, if you park your car outside and are not lucky enough to have a warm garage for it to sleep in, pop the wipers up so during the cold mornings they are not stuck to the windshield.

Check your spare tire to insure it is inflated. There is nothing more embarrassing than to have a flat tire, only for your spare to be in the same condition. That will cost you. Have an ice scraper handy so if your windows are iced up, you have a way to scrap them and to also keep your hands from freezing. Do not forget your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires do save lives and money.

If you plan on taking a trip during the winter months, bring along a shovel, snacks, blankets and a change of clothes just in case you become stranded. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and always let someone know where you are heading and what time you should arrive. Have a plan, your life depends on it.

Stay safe.


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