How Many Automotive Recalls in 2014?

How Many Automotive Recalls In 2014?

With 2014 officially to a close I was sitting waiting patiently for 2015 to arrive when I began to think about just how many cars were actually recalled in 2014. The entire year was plagued with one recall after another everything from ignition switches, air bags exploding to fuel tank fires.

In 2004 the record recalls reached an all time high totaling 30.8 million. So how many automotive recalls did America experience in 2014? The number is staggering; try over 60.5 million in all according to the latest data from the (NTSA) National Transportation Safety Administration.

This number is sure to climb higher as more auto makers announce recalls added to the record. In reviewing this reported data, General Motors recalled the highest at 27 million, due in part to their faulty ignition switches that resulted in 42 deaths and 58 injuries. That is the highest number for any single automaker. Honda ran a close second recalling 5.4 million vehicles with having to swap out the Takata air bags. Added to this list of air bag recalls, Fiat and Chrysler have expanded theirs to cover the entire nation. They stated that the air bags were only being recalled in states that were hot and high in humidity thinking that was the cause for the premature detonation. That seems to have been provenincorrect.Takata air bags

GM has spent over 2.7 billion on just the ignition recall alone but this will not be the final number. All I can say is, what will 2015 bring? I am on a mission to try and find a logical explanation for this rise. Is it because the standards have been lowered on products made by outside vendors or is it because of faulty material? Check back to find out.

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