Windy Wiper's Steering Column

Teresa’s Garage Introduces Steering Columnist Windy Wiper

Windy Wiper's Steering ColumnI first met Windy Wiper while collaborating with my Niece Sonia Perozzi and my creative advisor, Terri Hull on a new project, Teresa’s Garage website. Finding the right virtual wrecking yard was difficult, but with the help of the creative gents at Grind Creative in Reno, Nevada she came to life. I recently asked Windy a little bit about herself.


I, Windy S. Wiper,  am the fabulous author of “The Steering Column”, (Check me out on this website). I was manufactured in Detroit Michigan, (I would divulge my mileage, but after all, a women never tells her age) and I’m the car of parents Heada Liner and Dash Board. Several years ago, I was plucked from a wrecking yard in Bakersfield, California. I was restored to my former glory courtesy of the fine folks at Teresa’s Garage.


When I am not writing my column, I enjoy people taking photos of me at car shows. I am currently single and reside in the biggest little city in the world. Check me over, I am one classy chassis and I am revving to answering all of your questions on car care and maintenance.


As you can see, Windy is looking forward to answering your automobile car questions from women or any men who dare to entertain the thought, on car maintenance or repair. She is very knowledgeable on these topics, after all, she is one of them. Windy stated that she would like to help take your car from Drab to Fab. Happy Motoring


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