Zubie and Automatic Monitor Your Car

In one of my previous articles, I introduced to you a new product called Blue Driver which can monitor your car’s engine data and notify you of any potential trouble codes. Well, I am here to let you know about two more monitoring devices that can not only advise you of engine trouble codes, but can also help keep you safe, track your vehicle, and detect when your friends and family arrive safely at their destinations.Zubie

Zubie and Automatic are key type devices that are connected to your car. They will deliver safety features, vehicle diagnostics, and driving insights, (how your car is being driven), right to your Smartphone. These devices install quickly and easily.

You no longer need to pay to have critical components of your car’s engine checked out by a mechanic; these devices can now do it for you. Take charge of your repairs by knowing in advance the problems your car is experiencing. They can also assist you in performing the repair by reading the trouble code, detailing the code, and stating the most common fixes for that particular issue. Never take your car in to diagnose that pesky check engine light again, these products do it all.

automatic keyCan’t remember where you parked your car? Access it through Zubie and you’re there. Safety is also a key to your quality of life. Both Zubie and Automatic can help in that department as well. If you are in a crash, these devices can notify 911. Or if your vehicle is being stolen, they monitor movement and will notify you on your phone with an alert. Or maybe your kids decided to take the car without your permission; you will know it the moment the car is being operated.

What about driving habits? They can download a record of fast accelerations, or hard braking. They can notify you when fuel is low in the tank. They can also help you with your taxes by downloading monthly data on your trips, cost and mileage driven.

As you can see, these devices have put you in the driver seat when it comes to potential problems and repairs. For $99.95 per year, driving your car has taken a new road and could help save lives and repair costs. Check out the following websites for more information.



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